Monday, May 25, 2015


Nothing is ever normal here on Spring Peeper Farm.




This morning I was three minutes away from going live on
 CTV Morning Live when the phone starts to ring. 

Who on earth calls at 7:12am?
So I scream (yes, very professional I know) to Jamie,

He answers the phone, listens and then hangs up and runs BEHIND ME, 2 minutes before Cyril Lunney says " And now we have Lisa Doucette our correspondent from Concession..." in his PJ bottoms and no shirt. To see what is outside.
Then he says, " Norman (our neighbour up the road) says there's a dead chicken on the side of the road if we want it. The meat is probably still good."



"Good Morning, Cyril!"

120 seconds later I'm off the air and go see what Jamie and Norman were talking about.
There on the side of the road is one of the neighbour's chickens.  It wasn't there an hour ago when I did the morning chores. And I would have noticed it since I passed right by it with Emilie for her morning ablutions.

It must just have happened when Norman went on his morning walk. He would have seen it.
So I Facebook my neighbour (no I don't call there, we're in 2015, you Facebook people now) and tell her...Another one bit the dust :(

We're both sad.

Then I go to put my clothes on the line and there's another white chicken on my lawn.  
NO WAIT! The dead chicken is not there anymore! It's the dead chicken!

Holy Moly! 

It's risen from the dead!

This deserves a PHONE CALL to the neighbour!!!

"Your chicken has been resurrected!"

"Do you think you can catch it?" she says?

So I go out and catch her.  I brought her home. Not sure if she's going to survive, but at least she might have a chance.

Dave came to visit me after he was done work today.
I told him the story of the Lazarus chicken.
He said," You're going to blog this aren't you?"


Have a Blessed Evening.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Why did the chicken cross the road....

Last week while I was planting my onions, my neighbour's chickens came to visit me.
Just two of them.
Never happened before.
I didn't mind.  It was kinda funny and cute.
One of the chickens went back home a little while later and never came back.
But this little white hen started visiting everyday.

Little White hen yesterday...notice the green grass!

She would even follow me around.  I didn't mind her being there. She was cute and respectful of my veggie gardens...unlike my chickens that have been under lock down till my veggies are grown high enough to fend for themselves.

So every morning the little white hen would come running to see me. Then when I went to work she would go home.  I called her the Renegade Chicken!

She broke the rules and let everyone know..


To visit her neighbour. 

 I know it was driving my chickens to distraction.
"Why is she allowed to roam OUR territory and we're not!" they would cackle.

I was very concerned about the renegade chicken. I called my neighbour to tell her.
I told her I didn't mind her being there...

but we live on a blind crest and people LOVE
 to drive 30-40km faster than the posted speed limit...

 I was afraid that she was going to get hit.

My fears came true.

The house across the road is where she was from.

This morning as I brought Simonne to do her morning ablutions

 I saw the poor little white hen in the road.

She never had a chance.  It's so sad.

I don't even think she seen what hit her.

Rest in Peace little white hen.

Thanks to you we now know the answer to the riddle...
Why did the chicken cross the road.

Have a Blessed Evening.