Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Spring fling

Things started off a bit slow in the gardening department.
I had to replace a few cucumber plants because they just up
and died on me.   And pretty much all the tomatoes I had
started from seed bit the biscuit.  
So I went out and bought new ones.
I'm not sure what the heck I did but 
oh and learn.

The temperatures are finally steadying. But like most years
now, we need the rain.  I remember back in the day, springs
were  so wet.  Like they're supposed to be.
Not anymore.
But thank goodness for our new well...(see last post )  

It's also lupin season in Southwest Nova Scotia.
I find they're lovely. When I was younger I didn't
like them all that much. 
I guess my tastes are maturing as I 
get older.

Well for the 8th straight day, Nova Scotia has no new cases
of Covid-19.  There are only 2 active cases in the province. Both are in
the hospital.  I hope they recover soon.  It's bad enough the deaths
we have already had. We don't won't more families suffering
the loss of a loved one.

And yes, I remember a few posts back saying I wouldn't mention it.
But it's hard not to when it's the  only thing happening.

It's rhubarb season!! My patch did well, but I didn't harvest too 
many because  we don't eat it all that much. So I picked a bit  
and froze it for desserts this winter.

If  things keep going well like they are, we are going to have 
a ton of blueberries, strawberries, plums and even a few cherries!!
The bees have been doing their job. Wowsers! 

Speaking of bees....we picked up our new nuc a week and a half ago.
They seem to be  settling  well.  We are feeding them
sugar water at the moment, so they can concentrate
on setting up housekeeping instead of foraging for food.

Here's Dave putting them in their new home.

Saturday was a beautiful day. So we went to the Annapolis gardens.
They have opened  their doors  and lowered the entry fee.
It's a beautiful spot.
The rhodos were in full bloom.

Friends met us there and they took our picture.
Since restaurants can now serve at half capacity
we ate at the German bakery in Annapolis Royal.
Oh my word! You gotta eat there!
It was so good!!

I love my province and I love my municipality. I'm a proud Acadian.  
Yet I usually only put pictures of our property or places we visit.
I've been walking a lot on the local beaches lately, especially ones
that most people don't go to. 
So I thought it was high time to show you guys a few pictures of
our great municipality of Clare! 

We have awesome beaches.  Some are sandy, some are rugged.
All are gorgeous.

This is Saulnierville Beach at low tide.

Most of you don't realize that we have the highest tides in the
world in this neck of the woods.

But from now on I'll be adding pictures of our area. Just to tempt
people to come and visit when things get better.

Check us out!

Well I guess it's time to go put the chickens to bed and weed a garden or two.

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Well, well, well....

Things are turning great here on Spring Peeper Farm
It's been a strange spring.
Not particularly warm or cold.
Evenings are still cold.
And wind.
Lots and lots of wind!
I've planted almost all the seeds except the ones
that are cold sensitive.
But  the tomato plants I started in the basement
are pathetic.
Wow. I won't even post a picture of them.
Sad, sad, sad.
I hope they make it through the 

The pepper plants didn't look good at the beginning, 
so even though some died,  the ones that
survived are looking far.

If there is one thing that lifts my spirits on a sad day
is cut flowers.  I just need to buy a small bouquet
of cut flowers and my day is made.
Well since Covid, cut  flowers are harder to
find than sanitizer!
Today we were in Yarmouth and I found some!
I was on cloud nine.  We also
went a had a visit at Ouest-ville Perennials. 
Yikes!  Let's just say I'm broke.
But my gardens are going to be beautiful!
Alice, owner of Ouestville has  the best plants.
Very hardy. They never die! 
What more can a gardener ask for!

I also  stopped and picked up our tub of worms.
Waste-check had worms for vermiculture for us.
It's for where I work. We are going to let
the wormies eat our compost and make poop.
Isn't nature grand.

Mr. and Mrs Duckworth finally had ducklings!!
She showed up last week with (what we think is)
13 ducklings!!
That's quite the brood.   They are so cute.

Well things can't always go well.
Dave had started my cold cellar.
He just wanted to move the water pump a few feet so
I could have more room.
I won't go into details (because I don't know the details)
but we had to dig up the well, which we had
no clue where it was, and put a pump in the
well.  Chaching! Now we're broke.
It was going to happen eventually. It was just a matter
of time.  At least it happened now and not
in the winter when the ground is frozen.
So now, hopefully we won't be bothered with the pump 
or well for 20+ years.
But at least we know where our well is now.
About 2 feet from the herb garden. Phew.
That was close.

Have a Blessed Day.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

The beekeepers

Well it's that time of the year again.
Well really it's our first time.
Time to check to see if the bees made it 
through the winter.

First of all we took off the insulation from the outside
It's not really necessary to cover your beehive.
But we would rather be safe than sorry.
In our area it's not really the cold that 
will kill the bees because it honestly
doesn't get all that cold here.

It's also very windy here. But like the cold that's not a killer either.
The killer in these parts in the winter is the lack of snow 
for insulation.

So we make sure that we insulate the hives so it'll
act like the snow would have done in
normal parts of the world. 
We have strong winds here in Nova Scotia and it burns plants in the 
winter and can make the temperature feel like it's a lot colder 
than what it really is because we also have the humidity.
But if we had some snow for insulation it wouldn't kill 
the plants with the wind.

A friend of mine used to live in Nanuvut where it gets f-f-f-freezing.
Yet he said here in Southwest NS it feels  a lot colder 
than it did in Nanuvut.  Go figure!

The humid cold goes right through your bones. You can't warm up.
It's strange.  It rarely gets colder than -15 Celsius  here.  I mean hardly
ever.  But it feels a heck of a lot colder than that.

So anyway, enough with the weather forecasting. 
We took the insulation off, 
cleaned out the wet straw and started taking apart
the frames, one by one.

We had never seen the queen.  So that was our mission.
I took pictures of every frame Dave took out for closer 
inspection later.

This frame still had capped  honey on it!
We were very happy to see this.  That meant they could
have handled a longer winter.
Very proud of our girls!

And there she is!  Right in the middle, circled.
The Queen bee!

We both had on our full suits.  When you do an inspection 
like this you need full protection.
And you can see why from this picture.

We were halfway through the inspection when I asked Dave,
" We forgot the smoker, didn't we?"

Well if we can do a full inspection without smoking the bees
I guess we are either pretty good, stupid or very docile bees.
The jury is still out on that one. 

We are waiting for another nuc to come in.
But with the coronavirus and the travel restrictions
we're not sure if they will come in or not.
They come from New Zealand.
And no planes are coming in and out yet.
I'm hoping that they will let them come into the country soon!

So here's to hoping we'll have a fruitful honey season!

This girl was already coming in with pollen on her legs!

Have a Blessed Day!

oh and btw...
I love reading your comments and I would love it more
if I could answer them.  Unfortunately either google or
blogger won't let me log in to answer them.
Rest assured that I read all comments!
So keep them coming!

Sunday, April 19, 2020


Beautiful Sunday!
Weather is perfect.  Just warm enough to work outside
without dying of heat.

Yes, Covid still is here. We are still under lockdown.
But there is no fear of being bored here.  
Always something to do.
Today I cleaned out my two large flower beds in the 
backyard.  There wasn't too many weeds but
there was still some.  My goodness buttercups
have long root systems. Phew.
I think I dug  to China a few times.

My tool of choice for the last 4 years is
the Mark's Choice Backhoe and Mini Backhoe.

I have both but I prefer the mini one. 
As you can see mine is well worn and not even close
to kicking the bucket.

I endorse these products 100%
They can only be found  at Home Hardware.

There is a medium but I've never used it so I can't honestly say
how it is.  But if it's anything like these two it's worth the money.

I discovered a few plants that I thought were dead were actually  doing well.
That is always a nice surprise. This poppy is one of them.
It was my fault. Last year while it was still in the pot I forgot to
water it.  It was dead,  dead, and more  dead.
Well I guess it was like Lazarus and up from the grave it
arose! Hallelujah! I'm  so happy
because I love poppies, but never had  any.
This was going to be my first. 

The chickens are still having fun roaming outside.
At night I still have to go and chase  a few back in.
But it's worth it because they're eating all those
lovely woodticks and earwigs!

Muffin time!
Sundays now I try and make a large meal for supper
since Jamie is home. So today I made blueberry/raspberry
muffins and I'm going to make a
roasted chicken with all the fixings!
 Plus it makes leftovers
to bring to work for a few days after.
Yes, I'm still working since we are an essential
service.  Where we are it's pretty safe since
there isn't alot of traffic. 

Have a Blessed  Day

Saturday, April 18, 2020

I'm a lumberjack!

The piece of land that we tap the trees on was also
overgrown with other trees.
So Dave and Jamie had been going a while
back to cut down some trees.
We had it sawed into boards
and it's ready.
Ok, we have a lot of boards.
Enough to make me a cold room in  the basement
to keep our veggies fresh AND
a she shed for me!
I'm so excited!!! I've been collecting furniture
for a small she shed for a long time now.
I've been looking for one online but 
things are so expensive.  This way
it's going to be half the price and it'll be
from wood from our land which is kinda

This is the slab wood that was left from the boards.
This will be our wood to burn for next years sap season.

This is the wood that will be used for the she shed and my cold room.

I've finally decided to let the chickens loose.

They are happy to be running outside of their pens.

I find that is makes better eggs when they free range.
Happy hens make better eggs!

Have a blessed day.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Spring is here!

It's been such a beautiful weekend.
A bit chilly still, but the sun is out.
It was time to do some more hardcore

This is the before and after of my herb garden.
I was overrun by chives. 
I gave a lot away.
I kept a tiny patch and also
put some in my flower beds
in the back yard. The flowers are
great for the bees.
Strange how everything I do
in the garden now is for the bees.
I also leave all the dead stems and flower
heads for  the winter to help the bugs and
birds overwinter.

Jamie helped us  pick up the twigs, weeds and branches and brought
them in the tractor to our compost pile.

There was  alot of branches. Phew!

Some shrubs might have been over trimmed.
Oh well. 

I  also invested in golden raspberry canes and
blackberry canes.
Since we are still waiting for the wood
to get here I planted them in pots for now.

Today was a nice day also.  But I actually sat down and watched
last night's episode of Call the Midwife and the
last 4 episodes of Outlander.

My knees can't handle two days in a row of gardening.
And that's with a foam kneeling pad.

Have a Blessed Day!|

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Tea time!

It's tea time!
I love herbal teas.
I also love to mix my own concoctions.
My latest kick is 
-lemon grass
-lungwort or mountain tea
With a bit of elderberry syrup I bought
a few months ago at the market.

The lavender and chamomile are for relaxing
the lemon grass is because it tastes good
and the lungwort is to help with
you guessed it...
your lungs.
Now this is NOT medical advice.
I just like the taste of all of them 
together.  The lungwort is actually
very sweet tasting.

I got my latest Oatbox in the mail yesterday.
I love this service.  No I don't get paid
to promote this. I only promote it
because I love the product.
Tasty, made in Canada and shipped to
your door. 
Check them out 

We've been keeping busy.  I had bought some
water colour paints a long time ago and never
cracked them open. Well now's the time.
It's fun and relaxing.
Whether you're good at it or not it's fun.

Another thing that has been keeping us busy is 
building bee hives.
Bees wait for no man or Covid-19 virus.

So later on in the spring we are going to have to split the hives
so that means we need to build hives now.

Also hives shouldn't be painted red or black but
at the moment we don't have anything other than fuchsia.
Some people say it's just a myth, 
so we  will have to wait and see.  

The great thing about a greenhouse is that 
you can go work in it even
if it's crappy out.
Last evening it was windy and spitting rain. 
But we were able to replenish the beds with 
some much needed soil.
I even planted a few lettuce seeds.
It was a freebee I got from 
Called Kweik lettuce.

My hens have been getting a lot of attention this last week.
I'm not sure if they appreciate it.
I'm always in there talking to 
them and gathering their eggs.

This gal is wondering if she should be broody or not.
She's not sure yet.  Her name is Bernadette.

I give them mealworms as a treat and they love them!
I know my mailman must think I'm nuts
with all the weird things I order
online.  I get these on 
I have a love / hate relationship
with Amazon.  I'm a buy it local kinda 
gal...but....sometimes it can't be found
locally.  Like these things.  I used to buy 
them at my local Home Hardware but
they stopped selling it.

So I buy it online instead.  
Once again, I'm not paid to promote this
product.  I'm just doing it because I 
love the product.

Well I guess that's it for today.
Keep safe everyone and stay home!

Have a Blessed Day