Monday, April 1, 2019

Long lost soul!

Things have been crazy busy around here the last year.
I didn't think it possible.
I'm not sure where to begin so I'll probably jump back and forth 
and here and there. Hopefully I won't confuse any of you.

First of all I no longer work at Home Hardware.  I had been working there 
for 13 years!! Wow!
It was very hard to leave because I loved the people that 
I worked with.  Yes, we got on each other's nerves
but that's what families do. And after 13  years of spending 
most of your waking hours with someone that's how 
you start to think of them.

But it was time to go. My health was getting worse. My heel spurs 
from standing for long periods of time and my tennis elbow
from doing repetitive movement (plus other physical issues I had that I won't mention) were getting worse and worse. The doctor didn't want me to lift
more than 15 pounds and that was my job!
I started looking for work.  I prayed on it a lot! and I wanted 
the perfect job if there was something possible.
In early November my manager at the radio station was moving.
I thought to myself..."hmmm...can I do that?"
So I thought, what the heck! I love the station, I love my community
I love being Acadian and all that it stands for and I had
more ideas in my brain than I knew what to do with!

So I applied...
and I got the job!
I am now general manager of Radio CIFA  104,1FM (check it out online)
Who would have thunk it?!

I love it! I meet new people constantly, always on the go shmoozing,
thinking up of new plans, radio shows etc...
BUT...all jobs have their down sides and this one has them 
also. Like the stress of keeping up a non profit community
radio station going and other things.
But no job is perfect. As long as the goods outweigh the bads
then it's all good!

The funny thing is that when I was told I had the job all I could think of
was Mr. Carlson the general manager of WKRP. Remember that
show?  The turkey drop?
As God is my witness I thought turkeys could fly!
Well I promise never to drop turkeys out of a helicopter. 
What a weird thing to think of.

I'm done my third semester of the master gardener. Only one more to go.
Phew! I'm still writing gardening articles for the provincial french
newspaper. Dave and I are busy in the garden club.
Dave and I have also been asked to help a family of refugees
from Burma plant a garden this summer. 

Needless to say, I don't have part-time jobs like I did the last few years.
One is enough!

But I did start volunteering with Eastlink Community TV. 
I interviewed the cast and crew in a play.And they're thinking of having a 
french talk show and I'd be the host. 
How cool is that! It's volunteer, but it's so much fun!

On the farm things are going well. I have a few bantie hens and a rooster.
Just a few. I missed my hens but I didn't really want
an entire big flock, so these are really just pets, but they lay well.

I have always wanted to tap trees for maple syrup but we didn't have trees
on our property. Well we bought a piece of land on a tax
sale last year and it's full of maple trees. So for the last 2 weeks
we've been collecting sap and boiling sap. We only
tapped 19 trees, but we ended up with almost 13 liters. 
I'd say that's pretty good. I was hoping for a liter or two.

Our stash!

I'm now getting my beehive ready.  I gave it a coat of primer tonight and
I'll paint it tomorrow. The bees are ordered and expected in May.
Soon they'll be here and it's not
something you can just put on the shelf
till you're ready.

Can you believe that this young whipper snapper is graduating this year!

Well I think that's enough for now.

Have a blessed evening!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

All Dried Up!

It's been a trying summer as long as gardening goes.
But one thing that does well in hot and humid temperatures 
are herbs!

So I planned on drying all the herbs I could...and I did!

I usually say that every year and it ends up that I forget or 
get too busy and winter shows up.

So I was on the ball this season.

The only thing I missed was the dill.
I might still get to it yet.

But I'm proud of my pickins!
We even dried Biquinho peppers.

I dried blueberries

Coriander, since I planted my cilantro too early.

Paprika peppers. The one on the left is regular and the one on 
the right is smoked.

This is the Biquinho peppers all dried up

And this is the Biquinho all ground up!


Chamomile for tea this winter!

And Parsley and Sage

I also dried french tarragon, lemon grass and lavender.

Hopefully I can  get to the dill before it's too late.

Most of the time I use a dehydrator to dry up the herbs.
I goes a lot quicker. But I have used just regular hanging up the 
herbs to dry stuff. Like the coriander.

What did you guys dry this year?

Have a Blessed day!
oh and it's Thanksgiving here in Canada today.
So have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Jeepers Creepers!

This summer I promised that we'd visit small, hidden places in Nova Scotia.

So a few weeks ago Dave and I, along with our friends Rosemary and Paul,
set out to see the elusive "Drowned Forest".
Dave and I had been there high tide.
We didn't realize you could only see it at low tide.

So I said to Dave that this year we were going again....
at low tide.

The Drowned Forest or Petrified Forest is located at
The Hawk. 
Ya and even the name sounds cool.

I guess it's been there for 1500 years. I took pictures and pictures and more pictures.

Kinda creepy

Then today I read an article. Something even stranger than the Drowned Forest.

I took these pictures thinking they were part of the forest
but are they.....

From the article it seems that these are not part of the forest.

After our visit to the forest we headed to something even creepier...

The Shag Harbour UFO museum.

Can you see the resemblance?
This all happened on October 4, 1967.
A few months after I was born.
Were they coming to get me? Am I one of them?

Next to Roswell this is one of the best documented UFO case.

It was a great day. 
Great friends, great weather. We stopped at the Dennis Point Cafe 
for super seafood chowder.

The point of this post is that you should always check
out what's around you. 
There's plenty of cool places right next door.
No need for exotic locales. There's plenty just around the bend.

Have a Blessed Evening

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Coffee Shop Musings

Here I sit in a coffee shop writing this post.
I never thought I'd see the day.
But I'm on vacation and Dave had an appointment in Yarmouth.
So I thought I'd try writing the blog in a different place.
Might make things more exciting.
Maybe people will think I'm important 
sitting here with my tiny laptop, my iced coffee
(which incidentally I've just discovered I hate ice coffee. blah!)
pounding away at the keyboard.

Yup, I'm so important.
So far it's been a hot and muggy summer.
We've even had heat warnings.
Like today....that's why I'm in Yarmouth and not at home.
Yes I have air conditioned, but it's going to be hot as Hades outside.
So when I get home, I'm packing up the dogs and we're going to the beach!

It's also been a very dry summer. In the last 17 days we've had less than
2 mm of rain. Not good for the plants or the wells.
We are getting less and less precipitation every year it seems.
Even in the winter, less snow and rain.
We need the snow for the wells and the plants. Because snow is also water
and I know a lot of people complain about the snow, but it's good to have it.
Especially when the rain is almost non existent in the summer.

Aw man!!! Someone is smoking right outside the coffee shop and the smoke is coming inside.
ugh. gross and it's only going to get worse in October.....

Anyway I digress....
Despite the dry summer, the garden is doing very well.
Oh yes, I do have a few, what the heck did I plant that for moments.
But in all, it's doing really well.

This is one of those WHY!?!? plants.
Black Nebula carrots.

The greenhouse has officially turned into a jungle.
It's churning out cucumbers, basil and green onions faster than they can be used.
The tomato plants are massive, but not many tomatoes on them. I've been chopping off leaves
so I'm hoping that'll help and put more energy into tomato making and not leaf making.
The peppers are really doing well. So well that we're going to have to stake the plants. I've never had that problem....
I have 3 different kinds of peppers in the greenhouse, Kalocsai, Biquinho, chocolate and sweet banana. Ok that's 4 not 3. the Kalocsai is also known as paprika plant, and they grow upright.Weird.


Peppermint chard. Sadly doesn't taste like peppermint.

Rainbow carrots are actually very good! We now prefer them to regular ones.

In the raised beds I've been harvesting, Swiss Chard and Swiss chard and more Swiss Chard.
Note to self, only plant one kind of chard. Strangely enough, even in this heat it hasn't bolted.
Our strawberry plants have produced enough to feed us for 3 weeks
 and make 6 quarts of freezer jam.

Found this clothes dryer and re-purposed it into a herb dryer.

I've been diligently collecting herbs this year and drying them. I'm usually slack on that part
and they go to seed. This year I'm on the ball. So far I've collected an entire 1 litre
jar full of chamomile, also some lavender and sage. I had planted cilantro to make salsa
but it's gone to seed before the rest of the stuff is ready. So I'll save the seeds to make coriander.

funky looking pea pods. And tasty also.

Patty pan squash. Haven't tried them yet. Next week they'll be large enough.

It was our 25th anniversary last week so we bought 2 rhododendrons
to commemorate the occasion. A red and a white one. They're going to be so pretty.

Well that's it for this time.
Have a Blessed Day!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

To Bee or not to Bee part deux

A few years ago I posted that I was going to begin beekeeping.
Well that didn't pan out.
For several reasons
Dave wasn't really into it.
Jamie was NOT into it.
and the biggest reason was
I was chicken.
yup there it is in 
black and white.
I was chicken.

I had read and researched and read some more
and I still can't wrap my head around beekeeping.
And the word Swarm is enough to scare the crap
out of any non beekeeper out of their wits.

I kept saying that if I could find someone to show me their bees.
Let me be around them while they're working on them..
you know, up close and personal.

Well one day I was having a meeting with our regional garden club head honcho
 and mentioned that one day I'd like to give it a go. But told her about working with 
a beekeeper. She had just the person. Angela Goodwin.
She sent our email to Angela and here I am....
I got up close and personal with the bees!!!

Dave came with me also and he was pretty good with it. 
Neither one of us freaked. Everything was calm, as it should be when you're working with bees.
We loved it!
We learned the difference between Langstroth and Top bar beehives.
Initially we wanted topbar. But we're going Langs.

They had bee jackets for us to use and it was all very calming 
and almost hypnotic.

It's true...the bees ignore you. They have a job to do and you're not it!
Just don't get in their way.
I get more freaked out when I have a bug jacket on and the blackflies
are dive bombing you than I did with hundreds of bees flying around your body. 

We learned so much that I don't remember half of what she said! 

But after reading for 3 years now...I'm ready.
I've stalled long enough.
Time to jump in with both feet.
Of course it's too late for this year but
I'll be putting in my bee order this fall for the spring.
And I can't wait to be a new-bee!!!

gently smoking the bees

opening the hive

when bees are left to do what comes naturally like make a comb, they'll actually create channels, shortcuts,
so they won't have to go all the way around!

Just a wee bit more smoke

getting beezy (sorry couldn't help myself)
really learning the difference between worker and drone

Solar wax extractor

So there you have it.
Our bee day.

Also a big thank you to Angela and her partner for sharing her bees and her time with us.

Have a Beelessed Day!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Our little boy is 17!

Yikes where did the time go.
He's growing into a handsome young man
that is making all the girls hearts aflutter.

I posted on Facebook that I wouldn't post any baby pictures
but I never said anything about the blog
heh heh heh

We went to eat out for his birthday
just the two of us.
Like we used to have mommy and Jamie days.
But life moves on and he's into friends, girls and hobbies.
That's ok. That's how it goes.
You just hope you've raised then right
so they become productive members of society
and happy, healthy good people!
That's really all you can do.
They're going to make mistakes along the way
and hopefully learn from them.

My favourite Bible verse is 
                             Train up a child in the way he should go,
                          And when he is old he will not depart from it.
                                                          Proverbs 22:6

One can only hope and pray.

Happy birthday sweetie!
Love you to the moon and back
Mame et Dad

Have a Blessed Day

Good ole hockey game!

Dave and Jamie have been going to Mariner hockey games fairly often this winter.
The Mariners are a hockey team from Yarmouth.
Junior As if that means anything to you.
It's the division that they're in.
And they are very popular. 
They almost sell out every game.

So Friday I decided I'd see what all the hoopla was about.
I tagged along.
I guess I picked the right time to go
because it was touted on the radio
as being the best game of the season
the longest one!

The Mariners were winning 1-0 up until 30 seconds left in the last period 
when the Truro Bearcats scored!!!

Like really!?
It went into triple overtime.

I was so pooped. It was only done at 11pm!

By that time my toes were frozen.

But as you can see, we had good seats.
Up close and personal.

But the Mariners prevailed and they won!

But even frozen I actually liked it...
I'm going back Tuesday night.
This time with a blanket.

But I remembered why I don't go to sporting events
especially hockey.
I get too much into the game. 
I almost had a stroke. Holy crap man!

Oh well I guess

Have a Blessed Day