Monday, March 8, 2010

Maple Syrup Time!!

Liquid Gold!

If there is one thing I would love to do but I can't, is maple syrup. We have no maple trees on our property, so it's kinda hard to tap poplar trees. I don't think it would have the same effect.

So since I love syrup season, whenever I find out someone that does do it, I try and weasle an invitation out of them. It's not hard to get an invite around here. People are more than happy to give you a tour of their sugar shack.

Josette and David King

Since I work in the paint dept. and I have a tendency to talk alot, it doesn't take long to find out who does syrup. This year I got an invitation the Josette and David King's sugar shack.

Josette and J. checking the buckets.

Sunday morning I figured she was going to call me to tell me that the sap was running. It had been cold overnight and Sunday was a nice, warm beautiful day. So Sunday we played hooky from church. We just had too much work to do. I know, I know we're Christians we shouldn't be working on a Sunday, but when you've worked all week including Saturday, you've got to do the house chores at one point.

Maple trees and Buckets by the water fall.

Josette called early in the morning, but we only got there late afternoon. "Red Green" a.k.a Dave had lots of work that NEEDED to be done before Monday morning. So we finally got there. It was so nice. They even have a camp that they rent out to people there. They call it a camp, I call it a house. It's really nice. I never took pictures. I should have.

In the sugar shack.

They just have a small operation. They tap 40 trees, but it's still nice. Josette even gave me a jar of syrup to take home. You get there and it smells like the cotton candy and candy apple vendors at the fairs. Ahhhh heaven.... We stayed there for about an hour and then we had to leave to go to my parent's house for supper. She was making glazed ham with blueberry pie and cottage pudding for dessert. Yum! We couldn't miss that.

I've started my tomato seeds. Last year I had excellent luck with them, so I'm trying it again this year.

We are awaiting the arrival of our newest addition to the farm. There's a big dairy farm about 45 minutes away, so needless to say they have alot of boy calfs (or is it calves) they don't want. So they sell them cheap. They had 4 or 5 cows ready to deliver this weekend, so we had first pick the minute a boy was born. Guess what....It was all heifers!!! That's our luck. Dave had been busy Sunday morning building a stall for him. I don't know how I'm going to be able to handle this one. I have a hard time eating Gus and we only had him a few months. This one we will be bottle feeding! It's only going to be 3 days old. I even have a name for him already. Otis. This is not starting very well. I know...never name the animals that you're going to eat. But geez it's hard.

Red Green at work.

We slaughtered the 2 pigs from Charlotte's first batch of piglets. They were called Caramel and Snickers. The three before that had better names... Bar, Bee and Que.

Mud, mud, mud and more mud. Dave borrowed his dad's truck and went to the valley for feed. He backed up to the barn and kinda got stuck.


We got the answer from the insurance company and we are not happy campers. They're writing off the car. And they are giving us about half of what the car is worth. Not good. We paid almost $8000 for this car 2 years ago. They say that there's $3500 damage to the car and the car is only worth $3300!!! Not happy at all. We counter offered, so now we are waiting their answer.
This is the damage. It is worse than the picture depicts.

Well that's been my week so far.

Have a Blessed Day


  1. Ahh yes. We have been tackling maple syrup for the first time this year...we have had 4 55 gallon barrels full and it is still flowing! I think I need a better set up next year!

  2. Ouch on the car. That is a bummer deal.
    I have a co-worker that taps trees. I love it when she gives me a jar of her gold. She just gave me a jar of maple butter, oh my, that is so good on toast. Or by the spoonfull.

  3. Syrup making sounds like fun, but a LOT of work.

    We are hoping for some bull calfs also. I have a hard time with eating them also, but I was never a big meat eater to begin with.

    Those rotten insurance companies!! Good luck with them, you're gonna need it.

  4. The maple syrup sounds wonderful. Too bad we don't have any maple trees!! I don't know how you eat your animals. I cannot eat my chickens that I hand raised, and they're just chickens. I certainly would get attached to a bottle fed calf. Good luck!!


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