Sunday, March 24, 2013

Le Nocturne á la Baie

This is something new for this region.
I guess they have nocturnes all over the world so this was our first time. 
It was hosted by the Regional Federation of Arts and Heritage of Sainte Marie's Bay. 
(say that three times fast)
Well that's what it loosely translates to anyway.

The Nocturne is to bring together all the different artists and collaborators of the area.

It started at 6:30pm on Friday night and ended that night at midnight. 
It was amazing. There were things going on all over the area.

Here's a few things we went to.

I tried my hand at quilting. Guess what? I'm horrible at it!

Needless to say, I didn't work on this piece of art!

We went through John Browning's magic trail which ended up on the beach.

One of the funny little signs in John's trail.
Very large Inukshuk? that ends the trail at John's

The museum at the Rendez Vous had tales of interesting characters of our municipality. The tour guide is telling us about the last coffin made at a local wood mill. (it had actually been used!)
Jamie with our lantern for the walks we went on.

Jamie trying to sleep during the music at the RendezVous.

The grande finale was at the church. It was a sound and light show on the church. That was amazing but I didn't take any pics. We were in our warm car and kinda fell asleep. But we woke up long enough to see most of it!

I can't take credit for this photo.  A lady by the name of Nicole Pothier took this pic.

The church looks awesome.

We can't wait till next year!

Have a Blessed Day

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