Friday, August 15, 2014

I'm still alive and haven't fallen off the face of the earth. It's just that things have been super busy here this summer. We also got a new computer cause our old one was on it's last legs, but not everything has been put on the new one. Including all my pictures. And I hate blogging without pictures. So bear with me for another few weeks and hopefully I'll be back.

Have a Blessed Evening.

p.s. With a new computer comes the issues of WHAT ARE MY PASSWORDS TO EVERYTHING! Ack! I gotta write them down.


  1. Lisa, I know the feeling of busy a summer. Mine has been busy as well. My garden was first froze by a late frost, then after replanting, was hit with 100 MPH wind and hail, then seven inches of rain causing flash flooding. So by the end of June, the garden had been froze, washed away, pounded by hail, blown away. This year the focus has been on building fences and restoring raised garden beds. I managed to eek out a few tomatoes and green peppers. Maybe I'll get some eggplants and potatoes. I am not going to get the fence completed before the raccoons get the corn again this year. There's always next year. Good to see you back blogging again.

    Have a great busy summer day and I hope things work out with the computer.

  2. I hate blogging without pictures too. Good luck with the new computer and rotten passwords.


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