Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Well, well, well....

Things are turning great here on Spring Peeper Farm
It's been a strange spring.
Not particularly warm or cold.
Evenings are still cold.
And wind.
Lots and lots of wind!
I've planted almost all the seeds except the ones
that are cold sensitive.
But  the tomato plants I started in the basement
are pathetic.
Wow. I won't even post a picture of them.
Sad, sad, sad.
I hope they make it through the 

The pepper plants didn't look good at the beginning, 
so even though some died,  the ones that
survived are looking good....so far.

If there is one thing that lifts my spirits on a sad day
is cut flowers.  I just need to buy a small bouquet
of cut flowers and my day is made.
Well since Covid, cut  flowers are harder to
find than sanitizer!
Today we were in Yarmouth and I found some!
I was on cloud nine.  We also
went a had a visit at Ouest-ville Perennials. 
Yikes!  Let's just say I'm broke.
But my gardens are going to be beautiful!
Alice, owner of Ouestville has  the best plants.
Very hardy. They never die! 
What more can a gardener ask for!

I also  stopped and picked up our tub of worms.
Waste-check had worms for vermiculture for us.
It's for where I work. We are going to let
the wormies eat our compost and make poop.
Isn't nature grand.

Mr. and Mrs Duckworth finally had ducklings!!
She showed up last week with (what we think is)
13 ducklings!!
That's quite the brood.   They are so cute.

Well things can't always go well.
Dave had started my cold cellar.
He just wanted to move the water pump a few feet so
I could have more room.
I won't go into details (because I don't know the details)
but we had to dig up the well, which we had
no clue where it was, and put a pump in the
well.  Chaching! Now we're broke.
It was going to happen eventually. It was just a matter
of time.  At least it happened now and not
in the winter when the ground is frozen.
So now, hopefully we won't be bothered with the pump 
or well for 20+ years.
But at least we know where our well is now.
About 2 feet from the herb garden. Phew.
That was close.

Have a Blessed Day.

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  1. Hi Lisa :) I'm sorry about the well cost, but yeah, it's always a cost we know is going to happen sooner or later! The duck family is so cute!


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