Sunday, June 16, 2013

Growing Pains

Ok, not really growing pains, but it sounded good and this post is about growing things.
Oh well, at least I got your attention.

This year I figured that I'd try different mediums (not sure if that's the correct term) to plant our garden in.  Not necessarily different soils, but different containers.

This way if you don't have much land, you can still plant a garden.

Like ya'll know I've started with the raised beds.

But then I started looking around me and I found that Dave had left two old tires kicking around.
So I thought, hmmm...that might work.
They're black, so they'd hold in the heat and moisture and keep weeds at bay.
Can you tell I hate weeds?!

I decided to plant my cabbage in these tires, but I only had two tires and six cabbage. So our friendly neighbourhood garage was more than happy to give us whatever we needed. So not only am I growing something, I'm saving the earth while I'm growing dinner.

Dave keeps complaining that you can't find big cabbage in Nova Scotia like you could in Ontario (which is where he's originally from). So I've made it my life's passion to try and grow giganteus cabbage in Nova Scotia.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Then at work we got a shipment of large buckets? Baskets? Hampers? Whatever you want to call them. They were inexpensive so I brought one home, drilled some holes in the bottom, and Voilá! a container for Jamie's Sweet one million tomato plant!

I also added a few marigolds for extra colour.

My raised beds are coming along nicely but slowly since it's been an extremely cold and wet spring here. It rains for 4 days, sunny for a few hours, rains for 6 days, sunny for a few hours...

You get the point.

Here's some lettuce from our very own gardens. That and the spinach is going nuts and will probably bolt before we get to eat it all. Oh well, the rabbits will like it.

We went to a livestock  sale a few weeks ago and there was two turkeys, a hen and a tom in a tiny little cage. I told Dave to bid on them. We'll save their lives and set them free.

But my generosity had a price tag of only $20!!!!

Dave has a hard time listening. (Selective hearing) and bid $50!!!!!

Well we brought them home. Stupid us, let them loose before we could clip their feathers.
The female is gone. I figured she became coyote lunch, but I heard through the grapevine she was seen yesterday.

The tom we found and brought back home. We clipped his feathers and he's now living in our goat pasture. We've called him Phineas. 

Phineas doesn't like Jamie. But Jamie is afraid of Phineas and will run from him. Bad move!
Never show fear!

Oh well. I like him.  He's looking kinda rough, but when he moults and feathers out again, he'll be a handsome boy. |Hopefully we'll be able to find Philomene and bring her home.

Have a Blessed Evening.


  1. Great idea with the nursturtiums, will help keep bugs away too

  2. I like the idea of the buckets on the porch with tomato plants in them.

    Don't blame Jamie for being scared of that turkey - I would be too lol

    We are super wet here too. My garden is floundering with all the wet, not to mention bunnies, cat poop and renagade horses..


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