Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cooking shows

Sorry for the hiatus.

Computer died...need I say more.

Ok, I've been watching waaaayyyy too many cooking shows.

My latest faves are Farmhouse Rules and Pioneer Woman.

A few weeks ago I noticed that I had actually saved the chicken necks from our meat kings.
Why? Dunno.

So I fetched them from the freezer and with Farmhouse Rules in the background my creative cooking juices started flowing.  
Or maybe my tightwad juices started flowing and I didn't want to waste chicken. 
Who knows!?

I've been on a gravy kick lately also, ever since a co-worker told me that you could freeze gravy! Who knew!?  Obviously not me!
 I make mashed taters and I make gravy and freeze the leftover gravy. 

So I figured I could make gravy with the chicken necks.

I put them in a pan with wine, rosemary, thyme, (all three of these ingredients come from watching too many cooking shows), a bit of water, chicken spice, salt and pepper and Voila!

Here is my cooked chicken necks.  They don't look too appetizing but Jamie and I ate them and they were delish.  I'm telling you, don't waste anything.

I took the juices out and strained out the herbs and whisked in the water and cornstarch and it made the most delish gravy!

So smooth and creamy!  

So I froze it!

Next time I make mashed potatoes I'll thaw it out and we'll have awesome gravy.

The moral of this story?

Even though you're driving your son crazy by watching cooking shows on a crappy Saturday afternoon, good things come out of it!

Like Gravy!

Have a Blessed Evening.


  1. Lisa, I like gravy on my potatoes. Coming from a country farm background, gravy goes good on just about anything. Many times our evening meal was bread with gravy on it. Mmmmm, I can almost taste it now. The best I remember was the peppery sausage gravy we used for the biscuits. It was definitely one of the many staples in my Mom's cooking skills. We didn't always eat fancy when I was a kid but it sure tasted good. Of course there are some experts today that would like to convince me that it will choke my veins with cholesterol and give me large health issues but my Dad ate that way all his life and lived to be 87 years old. It wasn't high cholesterol that got him. It was bladder cancer. I have my doubts about all these experts and their claims about food that's bad for us to eat. If those experts had their way pretty much anything that tasted good would be bad for us. :-(

    Have a great gravy making day.

  2. Gravy goes with everything! I really like Pioneer Woman too. She has some easy and good recipes.


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