Monday, February 16, 2015

Peeper's First Day at School

Yes, he was nervous. Just like any first grader would be.
Especially if you're starting in high school.

St. Mary's Bay Academy was having a fund raiser to buy goats for women in
 third world countries so they asked if they could borrow Peeper as a prop.

I was willing, but he wasn't.

So one of the students had to carry him in.

But who's to blame him. Look at the amount of people that was staring at him.

Just a small case of stage fright.

He was happy in Brandon's arms eating the crackers I brought.
He actually didn't have any "accidents" which I was sure he was going to have.

But it was all for a good cause.  I told Gabby, the girl that invited us, 
"Next time charge a dollar to pet the goat."
They might have made a small fortune.

Have a Blessed Day


  1. Lisa, the snow we had here is just about gone. The total snow fall for this winter season has barely reached the 12 inch mark. With temperatures in the upper 40s and middle 50s in the days that followed, the only spots where snow remains is in the shady spots.

    I'm with peeper. I never liked to be in front of people. I'd rather take a whipping in the town square than deliver a high school speech in a class full of students. It's wonder that I didn't have an accident when I was forced to do it. I have a friend that is a major donor for the people of Pakistan. His donations have gone to chickens and fruit trees. More ministries are beginning to give things to help the people with on going gifts and not just a one time food or clothes drop. It's a much better way to give to the third world countries. They are much more appreciative of a hand up instead of a hand out.

    Have a great fund raising day.

  2. rofl that is so cute... what a trooper Pepper is!


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