Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Two weeks ago we had to make an extremely hard decision.

It all started on a Sunday morning when I brought Emilie outside to pee.
She walked down the two steps on the deck and then just sat there.
She wouldn't move. Which is very strange for her. She's the hyper one.
Gone like a bolt of lightning usually.

So finally I got her to pee. 
But when I came in I noticed that she was kinda dragging her hind legs.

I knew exactly what it was. IVDD

By the afternoon, she had no life in her back legs at all.

So I figured that since Simonne had had it the year before I would just make sure Emilie had plenty of kennel rest and I would bring her to the vet ASAP for steroids and cortisone shots. 
6 weeks later all would be well like it had been with Simonne.

So Tuesday Dave brought her to the vet. I couldn't get her in on Monday, but they said as long as she was kept quiet in the kennel she would be fine another day.

Her appointment was for 11:30. 
At 11:35 the vet called me at work.

It wasn't the same as with Simonne.
Simonne still had had feeling in her toes, Emilie had no feeling in her toes. 

At all.

The diagnosis was not good.
Surgery would not help. It was too far gone.
That fast.

We could have gotten a wheelchair, but she was miserable and her entire body was curved and stiff.

We made the decision to euthanize her.

We cried all day. All three of us.
We still miss her.
The house is way too quiet without her.
Simonne misses her.
Simonne sticks to me like glue now.
She was always clingy, but now she's by me constantly.
She's never really been alone before.
I don't think she's liking it.
But she'll have to adjust.

Emilie doing what she loved best, crawling into sweatshirts.

Have a Blessed Evening.

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  1. Poor Emilie. I think you made the right decision though. A tough decision to be sure but ultimately the right decision. This IVDD sounds exactly what out old dog Casey battled though for several years. It's been a year now since we had her put down. Take care.


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