Wednesday, August 4, 2021

He's such a fungi!

 I have officially become a plant nerd.

Yup.  There it is.

I've gone to the other side.

Now not only flowers intrigue me but 

my weird obsession has grown to FUNGI! and all things weird and creepy.

Just to prove it to you I went for a walk in the woods and

look at everything I found!

Corral fungus

Ghost pipe

False chanterelle

Ghost pipe

This one was actually pushing the ground up.

I love the gills on this one.

Dog vomit mold

I don't know the names of them all
(I'm not that nerdy yet)
But it's just fascinating.

So here's to my new hobby.
He's such a fungi...or gal!

Have a Blessed Day

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  1. I like fungi! Nice photos! I don't know which ones are safe to eat so we never eat any of them!


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