Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beautiful day.

Today was my day off and it was beautiful out. Nice and mild. The goats were out all day long. They still have a hard time getting around in their pasture since it's still full of snow. But they have trudged through and made a goat path. I still don't have to put the electric on since they aren't trying to get out. I have strange goats. They don't try to escape or jump. Strange. I did see that when the snow melts, we will have to fix the fence by the road. The snow was so heavy that it pulled the insulators off the posts.

We had someone come and divide the pig pens today. They're all together and Charlotte is due at the end of February so we cannot have them all together when she farrows. They aren't happy being seperated. Even though they can still touch noses and see each other, they don't like it. We might have to put Wilbur back in his old pen in the other barn. Out of sight out of mind. They are just so huge. They're about 500lbs each.

J. went to a friend's house for the afternoon, so I got a chance to clean our pig pen without interruptions. Oh! I got all those boots from Sears today. We found him a good pair in the bunch and it wasn't the most expensive either. So I'll have to return the rest on Tuesday.

Well that's about it for today. Church tomorrow and I'm leading worship.

Have a Blessed Evening.


  1. I can't wait to have pigs, goats and chickens someday. It sounds very exciting yet peaceful at the same time.

  2. My goats never try to get out. I think that it's their size? They don't even play on the logs that I have in the pen for them. That's a lot of pig you got! When is the butcher camp?

  3. Butcher camp will probably be in late Feb. Now that we've transfered the two small ones in their own pen, they'll be able to eat all they want without fighting with the two 500 pounders. We don't butcher them, we bring them to a pro. We're not equipped for that. Mentally and physically. If you get my meaning.

  4. Those are some big pigs. Love the names.


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