Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Well we've had so much snow that the chicken's outdoor pen has collapsed. There's so much snow that we cannot get to that part to fix it. And it doesn't help that hubby's arm is broke and he's off work for a while. Not good. So they do have the other outdoor pen to go in,so it's not so bad. They weren't going in this one anyway, since the snow was too high and they couldn't get through the door.

I'm thinking of sending Whisper off on a month long date at a friend's house. He's got Boers, not Nubians like Whisper is. But It'll have to do for this year. Maybe next year she'll be easier to tell if she's in heat or not.

I'm actually thinking of switching breeds and just raising Nubians. I really don't want to get rid of my Alpine, but we definately cannot get rid of Whisper. J. would have a caniption fit! But I want to downsize to one breed and then I could maybe keep a buck on the premises.

I have to think and pray on this a bit longer. I really like Febe, she's a good solid milker, but she is very tempermental. I cannot trust her alone with J. Whisper is a pussy cat. Very docile and cuddly.

Have a Blessed Day.


  1. I really like my nubians. But then I have never had any other type of goats before. They are very sweet and docil. How much milk do you want each day?

  2. In peak times Febe gives about 5 litres a day. When there's that much I make cream cheese, yogurt and I freeze some for the winter. I just had bad experiences with milking a Nubian. Whisper's mom wasn't a good milker. As a matter of fact she was horrible. So I'm going to wait and see how Whisper does if she gets bred and go from there.

  3. Bummer about your coop and your hubbys bum arm. Hope that heals up quick.

  4. Good thing you have another pen for the chickens.. Hope your hubbys arm heals up quick..

  5. I suppose breeds of goats have varying temperaments just like dogs do. I never thought about that before. I just assumed goats were goats.


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