Sunday, November 18, 2012


It's amazing how small our world is.  It sometimes freaks me out!  No, it always freaks me out!
Last week I was at a craft show selling my wares.  

I started talking to another vendor and she wanted to sell my soap next spring in her shop.  Plus she had goats so one thing led to another and we just chatted goat.

Then she said something that made me perk my ears. She started talking about her Nubian, Whisper. I kind of brushed it aside, but it was bugging me.

I asked her how old Whisper was, where she got her, etc...
Then I said, "I think that was our goat."

So I asked her to send photos of her.

It was our goat. Or J's goat. We had sold her to a guy on the other end of NS.  I knew he had sold her after awhile but I didn't know to who.  

I guess where she was sold to wasn't a good place. She got neglected. Then she came into the hands of Victoria Graham at Briarwood Farm. Thank goodness.

So we planned to go visit her one day. Briarwood farm is close if you go as the crow flies. 30 minutes across Saint Mary's Bay.  But I'm not a crow and I don't have a boat. So we have to drive for 2 hours and take 2 ferries.

Our opportunity to visit came sooner than I figured. We went yesterday.  So we made it a family fun day.
First we went to Digby and bought stuff for our Samaritan's Purse Christmas Boxes.  I love making those boxes.  If I could afford it, I'd make 30 boxes! It's so much fun.

Then Dave took us to a guy that has emus.

Emu egg.

Looks like something from The Flintstones.

 The we took a gander at all the windmills.  Eco-friendly ( a.k.a. expensive) energy

Then it was time for our first ferry ride.

Wow! The price went up since this summer! Especially since it's barely a 5 minute ride!

Then after another ferry ride and another $5.25 we got to Briarwood Farm.

We were welcomed by Victoria and her slew of animals!  We have donkeys for guardians...she has an alpaca.  He seemed to like us, which was a compliment according to Victoria.  He doesn't like many people.  He didn't spit at us.  Phew...

She had the cutest chickens which she told us the name of, but for the life of me I cannot remember.

And these gorgeous sheep!  I want one!  It kinda looks evil here, but it's not.

Then what J. was waiting for....a J. and Whisper reunion! It really was her.  J. said after we left that he was ready to cry when he saw her.  I said that I could tell.  I honestly think she remembered us.

We had gotten a wooden pic of Whisper made for J. that Christmas so we brought it along.

Awwww!!! Family reunion!

Victoria is a renown tapestry artist.  That's why she's got the sheep.  In the summer she even dresses in period costume.

That's one of her tapestries in the background.  She was coming back from a craft show , hence the Santa hat.

So after an hour long visit we had to leave to catch the ferry.  

It was a wonderful visit and hopefully Victoria will come and visit us!

Have a Blessed Day


  1. What a great reunion! :) Happy to know that she's with a better home now.

  2. What a great story! It is nice to know she found a good home.
    I've got to say, that is the cutest alpaca I have ever seen, I usually think they are kind of homely! ;)

  3. That is incredible Lisa! J looked so happy to see Whisper!


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