Friday, November 2, 2012

Yarmouth's Farmers Market

The week before Halloween we went to the farmer's market.  We hadn't been in a while so it was time to go.

So I figured that I'd introduce you guys to a few of the vendors.  Please excuse me if I can't think of all their names.

This is Laurel Amirault. She is a wonderful artist, her specialty is painting on fungus.  We've collected several for her to paint.

Carino's Confections. Weez makes the best chocolates you can imagine.  If you're not there by 10am you're probably out of luck.  We usually email her our order that night before.  My favourite is the Planks and the Ritz things she makes.  I can never think of the name.  She takes two Ritz crackers with peanut butter in the middle then dunks it in the finest Belgian milk chocolate! It was around 10 am when this photo was taken and her table is almost empty.  Again...get there early!

Weez' pet rat.

Lovely tulip bulbs that my great friend Alice d'Entremont sells. She owns  Ouest-ville Perennials.

And here she is! Hi there Alice.

This is Simonne and Emilie's favourite person.  He makes the bestest dog treats on earth.  Well that's what the dogs tell me anyway.

Here is Evelyn and her produce from their farm Riverview Produce farm.  This time she had the tiniest, tenderest brussel sprouts for sale. YUM!

Vincent at the Market,  he's a great cook. He had chicken curry for that weeks special. One week he had vegetarian borcht it was fantabulous!

J. and Antonio eating .

Dave buying humunga bunga portabella mushrooms.

Can you guys see the little girls huge head of hair? She was gorgeous.

More yummy candy.

I apologize that I didn't get all of the vendors photos.  When I was taking these photos I wasn't planning on blogging them.  So next time I'll take photos of the rest of them.  They're all a great bunch of people.

There was one vendor that was new. He wasn't there when we were selling soap there.  I was trying to buy an eggplant from him, but he kept looking at me and not really listening to what I was saying.  I kept thinking, "Man, this guy is rude!"  
Then he says, 'You write that blog, don't you?  I read it often." 

I'm like, Oh cool!  You always wonder if anyone actually reads what I write. So I guess someone actually does!  I'm sorry I didn't get his name.  But I did buy the eggplant from him.  

So in case he's reading this...Hi there!  It was great meeting you.

Have a Blessed Day


  1. That is a lovely, lovely Farmer's Market, I really like ours here too! :)

  2. Great tour Lisa! You've got a fantastic Market :)


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