Thursday, November 5, 2009


This has been a weird heat for Febe. I think she's finally bred. It's taken 3 times, but tonight I can honestly say that I'm sure she was in heat. Not a false heat, not a hmmm....I wonder... heat. A real, freaking out-I-want-my-man-standing heat.

I milked her tonight, nothing unusual except a little slime, show her the buck rag and nothing but that's been nothing new this week. An hour later Dave goes in the barn to feed the pigs and comes back in saying "I think your goat's in heat". I'm thinking "not tonight honey I'm tired", sigh... I have so much to do tonight and I wanted to sit down and colour with J. I mean it's not like it's down the road. I....well...I mean "We" have to hook the trailer up and drive 30 minutes to get to the buck.

So I get in the barn and Dave has her on the milking stand. She is almost screaming (she's a blatter everyday anyway, but this was different), her tail was twirling so fast I thought she was going to take off like a helicopter! So I figured we might as well bring her to the buck. So in the meantime I put her back in the pen with Whisper. Well, poor thing...she just attacked that tiny goat! I'm thinking "Oh boy she is just beside herself, she must be in heat".

So off we go and she got her fix three times and she's happy now. So I'm assuming she's bred. I'll let ya know in 21 days.

I'm telling ya, these goats are going to be the death of me. Holy cow!

Well that's my exciting news of today.

Have a Blessed Evening.


  1. Hehe - I can understand all that! Goats are strange creatures! It has been a nightmare with heat cycles in my goats.

  2. I'm going to talk to my breeder ( the one I got the goats from) and set up a date. I will take the girls to her place and let them be with her buck for 2 months. What she does is just let the buck run with the does that she wants to breed. She has about 25 does and I think she is breeding 15 of them this year. It will cost me ( I think) a sack of grain (25 bucks )


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