Monday, November 30, 2009

Santa Parade

Well it's Monday. That means cleanthegoatpen day. I also cleaned the chicken pen. That one was really sad and gross. It's been raining so much that it's like a mud, shavings and poop soup. Yuck!!! When Dave gets a free day he's going to join the meat bird pen and the laying hen pen together. It'll give them a lot more room to move and two places to go outside from. The other is smaller but it doesn't flood like the other one.

So now I have very happy and clean chickens and they also got a treat of lobster shells. They love to peck at them and it makes their egg yolks orange.

I discovered that a guy that I know owns a Christmas tree farm!! This is good. I've known this guy for years, but I didn't know he had this as a side line. What I'm getting at is that he has many, many, many fir trees that will never make it as a Christmas tree. Soooooo, he's happy to get rid of them for free!!! But who on earth wants an ugly fir tree. Wellllll....goats do not care what they look like, as long as they taste good.

So Dave and J. went to his lot on Saturday and loaded up about 10 trees for now. Well I have very happy goats. He said that he's got at least another 100!!! that he wants to get rid of.

Oh Happy Day!!!!

If you've never had goats before you're probably asking why on earth do I want fir trees for the goats. There is something in the fir tree that is like a tonic for the goats and it helps in an easy pregnancy and delivery. I don't know if it's an old wives tale or fact, but my goat lady (the lady that sold me my first goat), kept having pregnancy problems with her goats, so someone told her about this and she tried it. She never had a problem again in 25 years. Whether it's coincidence or fact I don't know. But it can't hurt.

We went to the Parade of Lights last night. I'm posting a few photos of it. It was really nice, but really cold. J. was so excited to see Santa, he was beside himself. There was so many nice floats.

A frozen child.


Even the reserves got in on the fun.

So cute!

This was a very colourful truck

And here's Santa and the Mrs on the firetruck.

Ok, it's now after supper and guess what????!!! It's raining! Grrrrr. Those poor hens are having a hard time getting a dry run. The pen is still dry and they're loving it. They're even sleeping on the floor! Isn't that just sad?

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  1. I didn't know that about the tress but I toss them a fir tree branch or 2 or 3 over to them every day.


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