Monday, November 2, 2009

What is it with animals...

What is it with animals? What goes on in their little brains? Am I the only one that wonders this?

Daisy will take a nice soft blanket and suck the living daylights out of it. Why?

One of my favourite pasttimes is watching the laying hens after I've cleaned their coop and added new shavings. You'd think they were at the health spa. Especially since they have to contend with a muddy, flooded run.
Another fun thing to do is to watch them with strands of speghetti. I truly believe that they think it's an earth worm. They'll grab a strand and run!! It's so funny.
Febe is feeling under the weather. She's crabby, pushing Whisper around and she's not eating well. I don't know if the trailer ride to her date put her in this mood. She's also got diarreah. I find that she's a goat that you have to watch what you feed her. The least little thing will put her off her feed. I don't think she's bred though. We missed church yesterday because I thought that she was in heat. I guess not. So she's been on a trailer ride twice in two days. Maybe that's why she's crabby.

We will be getting piglets in February. Charlotte was in heat yesterday, so Wilbur did his duty. It's cute to see them all together. They look like one little happy family.

I'm having issues with the tractor. I can never get that thing started. It turns, then dies. I have a trailer load of chicken poop to get rid of and no tractor to haul it with. So this means the goats have to wait to have their pen cleaned. It also means that I have to wait for Dave to get home to tell me one more time...."what do you do to this tractor?". Then he'll turn around and start the darn thing with one turn of the key. grrrrrr...

As you know, Tootsie, is doing great. We were going to keep him in the house for good. But he was not liking this decision. I was just afraid that since he couldn't jump anymore that he wouldn't be able to defend himself. Well he's been jumping on the cupboards, jumping on the bed, jumping on the table. So he's now jumping outside. He is so much happier now. He comes in the eat and take a nap and a cuddle and then he's off again. From what I've seen, he's made a full recovery.
Well I have to go and do some more work.
Have a Blessed day!


  1. Lisa, The Honey and Oat has a sweet scent but not really any scent per say.

    Do you clean the goat pen year round or let in get deep in the winter so that the stuff gets warm and helps keep the goats warm(er)

  2. I clean it weekly. In the summer I don't put any bedding on the floor because they do a good job of that on their own. But in the winter I put a little bit on the floor. Don't forget, it doesn't get all that cold here in the winter. I think their water bucket frozen half a dozen times in the winter. Other than that their was only a small layer of ice on the top.

  3. Animals are certainly funny critters. Blanket sucking? Wow, never heard of that one.

  4. I'm sure your goat is tramatized from all the traveling. Our pigs have in the past gotten actually sick with fever/cough/off feed that required antibiotics when we had transported them. Are goats the same??

  5. Not as bad. I know. Our pigs get car sick (or trailer sick)when you transport them. They puke and everything. Yuck. I'm giving her a few more days and then I'll take it from there to see what I'll do.


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