Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rats, rats and rats!!

One bad thing about being on a farm, is the rodents. I really hate the rats. Even though we keep the feed put away, we have the veggies and fruit from the store and it's impossible to keep them under wraps. So we spend a fortune on rat poison. We don't dare use rat traps because of the cats. The cats leave the poison alone. They seem to know it's not good for them.

I walked in the chicken coop a few weeks ago and I had a big hole by their door. Grrrr rats! A few days after I picked up an egg and it was empty!! The rats had cracked a small hole in the egg and eaten the inside. This means war!!! I've put poison to no avail. (not in with the chickens). Then yesterday I go get my is IN the rat hole!! I'm so not impressed!

Yesterday my dishwasher started leaking. Again. It's only a year old and we've been fighting this problem since day one! Me thinks I want the company to give me a new dishwasher! It's even ruined my floors and cupboards.

Have a Blessed Evening


  1. That's a lot of rats. The cats don't keep the numbers low? DO you need more cats?

  2. Good luck with the rats. We've not had a problem with rats before at our place, but do manage to have a bunch of mice, especially in the fall. You'd think with having cats we wouldn't - they must be too well fed..

    My dishwasher is making scary grinding noises and occasionally will leak too. Hope it holds out for a while longer, cuz I need to replace my washing machine before the dishwasher..

  3. My husband says that I need to print a retraction about the rats. He says that there's not that many. I'm exaggerating. The cats keep the mice population low but they don't touch the rats. Who knows? But the poison in the pig barn has stopped being eaten, so something must be dead. This is good.

  4. Maybe you need a terrier breed to deal with the rats. And I think you should petition the company for a new dishwasher - sounds like you got a lemon.


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