Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween and goats

Well today was quite the day.

It started when I went to milk Febe this morning before going to work. I did my duty and checked her butt to see if she was in heat and low and behold she was all slimy!!! So I called and woke up my friends (because they have the buck) to tell them that hubby would be dropping me off to work at 8am then swing by their place to have Febe bred.

Dave calls me back about and hour and a half later ( I should have known something went wrong, because bucks are not known for their foreplay. Slam bam thank you mam, kinda animals). Febe was NOT in heat. She refused the buck. He tried once but that was it. Grrrrrr. I'm so ticked off. I'm figuring it was a false heat. I'll check again. (back to my pervert ways) and if she comes back in heat in 7 days the first one was a false heat. If it's 21 days it was a real heat. If not at all, well...the buck was good.

At the beginning of the week Dave decided to put Wilbur in with Charlotte and the little ones, that aren't so little anymore. All is going well and they're all one big happy family. J. took a picture of them today. They are so cute.
We went trick or treating tonight also. J. got lots of loot. Yum!! Lots of KitKats. I luvvvv Kitkats! But it was very windy. It's been really warm tho.

Tonight we got back late from getting candy so when I popped in the barn to milk Febe imagine my surprise to see that Whisper is in heat! And I mean really in heat. I definately didn't need to check her bum. It was there for all the world to see. I thought she was way to small, but according to the books she's 75 lbs. I will wait till next month. Just to be sure.

It's been a strange day. Maybe it's because it's Halloween!

Have a Blessed Day


  1. Wow there is all that strange animal stuff on a farm.

    That is quite a lot of loot!

  2. Those false heats are a bummer. When our mare goes into heat she is just a birdbrain! She gets all flighty and will even stand for our mini geldings to give it a try. That's pretty funny actually!!

    Your pigs do look all warm and comfy. One winter it was soo cold here that our pigs would burro under the straw to sleep and when I'd come out in the am to feed they'd get up and steam would actually fill the air fogging up my glasses!

    My youngest got a bunch of loot yesterday too. I love the snickers and lemonheads best.

  3. Kit Kats are up there but I think a Twix is higher on the list. I will be taking my goats out on their "date" in about a month. I will drop them off till they go in and out of a cycle to make sure that they do the deed.


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