Monday, December 7, 2009

Another cleanthegoatpenandchickencoop day.

Guess what? The day after I planted the garlic it snowed!!! I think that winter is here. This morning the hoses were frozen to the goat and pig pens, so that means we now have to carry water to them to drink. It was great while it lasted.

Whenever I can get something of value for free I try to take advantage of it. So today Dave hooked up the trailer and off we went to get shavings at our local coffin plant. Yes, you read that right. Some friends of ours own a coffin factory and there's alot of shavings, so we get to be the recipients of this great help. They even put them in garbage bags and boxes for us. How nice of them.

The hens are laying wonderfully. They are actually laying better now than they did this summer. Knock on wood. I hope they keep at it.

We aren't getting many scraps from the stores these days so they pigs are going through a lot of bagged feed, which is not cheap.

Somedays I wonder if it's all worth it. Then I'll see our full freezers and a healthy glow on our son's face and it'll all be worth it. I'll hear about how sick all his fellow classmates are and how J. isn't. Or when he does get sick it's usually nothing more serious than a cold. Which is good since he gets prone to having Bronchitis when he does get colds. So his immune system is getting a lot stronger than his classmates, since they are constantly getting stomach flues, month long colds, and the dreaded H1N1. So I guess all this work must be worth it. At least what we spend on feeds, we save on medications. lol

Whisper seems to be down in the dumps today. I'm not sure why. I'll have to keep an eye on her. Febe is itchy. She is constantly scratching and I only see dry skin. Last year we had a lice problem with Whisper's mother, but everyone got treated and it got rid of the lice pronto. This I've looked with the flashlight and everything and the only thing I see is like dry flakes. She's not losing hair. It's just since the weather got drier. It might just be dry skin. I'll just have to keep an eye on her also. I also looked for fleas and nothing.

Well that's all for on the farm for today.
Have a Blessed evening.


  1. Can you add something to the feed to help with dry skin? My freezer is getting low on home grown meat. We are to have a big storm here in WI. I hope so. I sure could go for some snow.

  2. I'm not sure. I'd have to ask the vet. Is that a hint on the home grown meat? ha ha. We are having a big storm here at the moment, but it's about the turn to rain anytime now. Heaven forbid that we have snow for more than 24 hours!!!

  3. Glad you can get your shavings free. We get ours from a man who makes custom furniture. We supply the black garbage bags and he fills them us for us. Handy for all.

    Cleaning the chicken coop is one of my most un-favorite jobs. Good for you for getting it done.

  4. I think the hard work is worth it. It's always great to raise something with your own endeavors and have that be part of your life. Nothing can make up for that.


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