Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thank you Chris!

Phew, Chris came over tonight to needle the goats with Ivomec. He showed us how to do it for next time.

Well I'm happy to say that they never even flinched. No screaming or passing out and the goats didn't do bad either.

We had to cancel movie night with the girls tonight. They were both sick. Oh well. Next year.



  1. Nice to have a friend that will help out when you need it. How long till the mange is cleared up?

    Our pigs didn't like their shots of Ivomec either.

  2. It was almost all gone within a few days. The first time Dave gave Ivomec to the Charlotte our pig, he thought he had killed her! Nobody told him that it can make them go down. He was panicking, she just collapsed right there. She got up after a few seconds, but it seemed like hours to him.


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