Saturday, December 5, 2009

Better late than never. I guess.

Well we'll know if that saying is true. It's December 5th and I just planted my garlic in the garden. I'll let ya'll know in the spring if my garlic wasn't planted too late. I did talk to one of my gardener friends and she said,"well at least the ground isn't frozen." So we'll have to wait and see.

When I got to the garden, which Dave had plowed twice because J. had run over it with his 4 wheeler, it was full of little holes. Thousands upon thousands of little holes. I could not figure out what it was. Till I started was worms and night crawlers and worms. I could not believe it!! I thought they would have done south by now. That's what happens when El Nino is running around here. Everything is screwy. The trees are budding, the mosquitoes are out again (but not biting phew!)

Dave has turned the chicken coop into a chicken condo. My hens are in heaven. He took their pen, the meat kings pen and the area where the rabbit (that we used to have) into one big chicken condo. They now have two runs also. One that DOESN'T FLOOD!!! Yay!!! They are so happy. You can tell by the contented little smiles on their beaks.

All summer long I have been cursing the automatic waterer in the chicken coop. It was leaking and leaking and leaking. I would clean them out and within a few days it would be wet all around the waterer again. But the strange thing was that we couldn't find out where it was leaking.

While Dave was remodeling the condo he was taking the waterer out (since winter is suppose to show up something this year,) it was raining cats, dogs and donkeys . He noticed that it wasn't the waterer that was was the roof! Ahhhhh!!!!

Tomorrow night is the Sunday School Christmas concert. It should be cute.

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  1. Haha that's funny about the leak - looking at the wrong thing. At least you now know where the real problem is. I bet the chickens are loving their new home. Nobody likes to be wet all the time except frogs.


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