Monday, October 19, 2009


This is the part about farming I don't like. Gus our steer, is gone to the big deep freeze in the sky. Or at least the one in our basement. Sigh.... Dave brought Gus to the slaughter house today. We should get him back in a week and a half. I guess they have to hang in the cooler for that long. Something I never knew till a few months ago.

Dave brought home the liver, tongue and heart. The liver (which is huge! This I didn't realize) is going to my mom's. They love liver. Yuck! I've never been able to eat liver and my mom has never forced me to eat it either. When she was pregnant with me she had very low iron so the doctor told her to just sear the liver in the frying pan. Chew the liver, swallow the blood and spit the liver out!!!Ack! They didn't have iron pills in those days. So my mom always figured my repulsion to liver was because of that. Strangely enough, she still loves it. Weird.

But I digress... I don't know if my parents realize how big the liver is. The heart is going to my aunt's and Dave wants to keep the tongue. I flatly REFUSE to eat the tongue!! I cannot eat something that just a few months ago was licking and sucking my HAIR!!! Sorry it cannot be done.

Dave just got back from my parents. My mom didn't realize how big a beef liver was.

I have no problem with eating the chickens. They are just stupid. Meat kings have had their brains bred out of them, that's my opinion anyway, like the desire to brood.

Pigs, well you cannot really cuddle a pig. They're cute when their little, but then they get fat. You feel bad for a little while, but then the porkchops are pretty good on the BBQ and then you forget about the pig. It's just good.
But look at that face. Can you ever forget that face? Dave says when we slap on the T-bones on the BBQ in 2 weeks I'll forget all about Gus.

We'll just have to wait and see....

Have a blessed evening.


  1. I know just what you mean regarding the animals in our care. We raise them up, give them lots of TLC, then we eat them.

    I have a really hard time eating our animals - mostly I don't, but the rest of the family thinks homegrown meat is the best.

    Maybe it would help if we didn't name our animals, I don't know.

    Hope your T-bones are delicious..

  2. Yum, heart, I heart heart! What do you do with your kids? ( Goat kids that is ) do you sell or butcher in the fall?

  3. Interesting. seems like the cow would be easier than the pigs. Maybe I just like pigs better. I agree, chickens is chickens and I love fried chickens. I've always wondered how this will be for me some day - I had a hard time eating rabbits we had raised, partly because I didn't know how to cook them, but partly because they were cute and fuzzy. I've eaten moose tongue and heart - I'm not much for organ meats and the tongue texture is really weird. My husband ate way more of it than I.

  4. Aunt Krissy-
    I sell my goat kids. I know I wouldn't be able to butcher them. I do realize that most of the male kids will go for meat, but I'm not eating them! So far I've only had one male kid to sell.The other ones were female. The one male kid went as a pet. It actually sleeps in the house with the people that bought it. Ack.

  5. Lisa, ACK is right! Can you house train a goat?


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