Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wet and Rainy day.'s been a cold, wet and rainy day. J. was still sick yesterday with a fever so Dave brought him to the doctor on call. He's got bronchitis. Maybe that's why he's so sick. He's better now. The medication worked well.

Dave finished the ramp to the barn yesterday also. So that's one less thing to do on the never ending list.
Today, since it was a crappy day I decided to make a chicken fricot. It's really just a chicken stew with dumplings made with rappie pie (that's another story on its own). It was just the day for it. Now I have a big problem, I have some till the cows come home. I can never make a small pot.
I also thought I'd make another stick to your ribs dessert. Blueberry Fungi! Or some other people they call it blueberry grunt. I think it's a Nova Scotia thing. It's really easy to make.
Just take a quart of blueberries, half a cup of water and sugar each. Cook till it's made lots of juice, then drop spoonfulls of dumpling mixture, not the the rappie pie one, another one into the blueberry stuff. Close the lid for 15 minutes and simmer and DON'T PEEK! Then Voila! You have blueberry fungi.
It was all good food, oh and fresh homemade bread from the local bakery. I don't make bread. It's a waste of perfectly good flour. I've tried before.

Dave told me not to post these photos. He said they wouldn't look to appetizing to someone that's not Acadian, but I'll take my chances.

Have a Blessed Evening



  1. Both loof pretty good to me. I would add a scoop of ice cream to the blueberry fungi.

  2. I'm not Acadian but I think both look pretty good. You should post the recipe for the chicken unless it's a secret. Glad to hear your family is feeling better. I hate it when kids are sick. Sorry you have to work in does suck. I like my office job because it's 7:30 to 4:30 M - F. I did have to work today (Sat) but that's only because someone else is on vacation and I'm doing her job too. But normally my hours are pretty regular.

  3. Your dinner looks wonderful!! The pic are good too, makes me hungry!!

    Glad to hear your son is feeling better.

    Lots of H1N1 going around here. A school up North may close this next week because so many kids are sick with it.

    My hubby is "requiring" all our kids to take vitamins in hopes this will help them stay healthy.

    I completely understand your rant about doctors and working too. Maybe we'll win the lottery. I can always hope right..

  4. The recipe for the chicken fricot is not a secret but it's impossible to explain to someone how to do the dumplings. It's a show-how-to-do-it kinda thing. You have to take potatoes, pass them through a certain kind of juicer, measure how much juice comes out, then yada yada yada. On and on and on. That's why it's hard to explain. Old ethnic dishes are like that. So next time your in Nova Scotia drop in and I'll show you.


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