Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Day.

Last night we had our "End of Harvest" Bonfire. It wasn't a good night to do it since most people were at home with their families for thanksgiving and it was last minute. Only a few people showed up, but that was fine. We had fun anyway. It was cold though. Brrrr.
We gave a small tour of the farm to the ones that had never been here. The goats were all ready to say Hi!

This morning I cleaned the chickens but I couldn't get the tractor to start. So I have to wait for hubby to come home and start it. The goats will have to wait till tomorrow for a clean pen.
I also harvested most of the grapes. I have alot and I didn't get the ones on the top of the arbor yet. I make grape jelly. It's so good. Most people want me to make wine, but it's against our religion to drink alcoholic beverages so grape jelly is just as good.

I'm making a roast chicken, potatoes, carrots and corn for supper. Oh and stuffing. For dessert pumpkin pie. It should all be yummy!

For all those wondering what Wampoo is I'm posting a photo. I've never seen a store bought game before. This one Dave made for us after he took the pattern off a friend's game that he had made for his family.
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Have a Blessed Day.


  1. I don't know much about Canadian customs (obviously), but why is Thanksgiving in October?

    Grape jelly sounds great. We've got LOTS of grape vines with little nasty purple berries on them. Don't know what kind they are, but they sure are invasive.

  2. I have no idea why our thanksgiving is earlier than yours. I heard once that it's because Canadians party hardier than Americans, so it's takes that long to recuperate before Christmas. I think it's just a joke though. Because's just not true. So I have no idea why ours is earlier than yours.

    I always thought that maybe it's because our harvest is in earlier, because of the weather is cooler here. But I don't think that's right either. I mean my stuff stays in the garden longer than most US states.

    So I don't know.


  3. I wondered about the Thanksgiving date too....I'll have to google it and find out. Homemade grape jelly sounds delicious.

  4. I think that only America and Canada do thanksgiving. Grape jelly sounds yummy on toast with lots of butter.

  5. Hi Lisa-Iam looking for the instructions to play wampoo-could you e-mail them to me-
    we have played the game with friends and would like to teach our grandchildren to play


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