Saturday, October 10, 2009

Is she, or isn't she?

It's that time of the year again. Is Febe in heat, or isn't she? Every day, twice a day, I check. Not the nicest thing to do, looking at a goat's butt, but it has to be done. I can't tell by just looking at her. Maybe in twenty years from now I'll be able to tell, but for now I'll just have to keep looking at a goat's butt. They say that one way to tell is if they're more vocal. Well Febe is vocal all the time, so that doesn't help. So I'll just keep looking at the butt. I don't think that Whisper will be ready to breed this year. That'll be one less butt to look at for this year anyway. Phew... thank goodness.

We had a family day today. We packed up and went to the cattle sale. The piglets were going really low. Around 25$ each. Good for the buyer, not good for the seller. We brought our last piglet to sell but we brought her back home. We refused to sell her for less than 60$. One of our buyers backed out of the deal we had and we were able to sell one of their piglets but not the other one.

We met a nice couple that's just as crazy as we are. Maybe a bit crazier. They have 20 goats!!!Ack!!But we drove to their house after the auction.( No we weren't stalking them, they gave us directions to their house) We stayed there for 2 hours just chatting outside. J. was ready to go home after 10 minutes!

We were supposed to have our "End of Harvest Bonfire" for the church tonight. Well it rained and rained and rained some more this morning and most of the afternoon. So we had to cancel it. It seems like we had to cancel everything because of the rain this year.

My parents came over tonight to play "Wampoo". Oh man, we laughed so hard. It's fun to have a laugh so hard it hurts your sides, your eyes are all teary and you just about pee your pants.

Have a Blessed Evening.


  1. sounds like a wonderful family time. We often get laughing so hard it hurts. the goat situation sounds a bit personal - and yucky. I'd hate to have to inspect a goat's butt twice daily.

  2. I love laughing like that or smiling so much your cheeks hurt. Does wonders for your whole outlook.

  3. What in the world is "Wampoo?"
    We are having a little church bonfire tonight and it is cold. Low temp expected for around 20 tonight, bummer.

  4. Since my goats come in heat year round, I have taken to looking at butts every time I milk... we're just perverted! Hehe... actually I am trying hard to understand my does heat cycles. She was coming in heat at all times between 14 to 21 days. But she has finally (I hope) settled on every 20 to 21 days - we will see. With two does (one very young, almost 5 months) they seem to always be in heat!

  5. I need to learn what to look for on goats! I was told also that they get more vocal and will rub on things and flap/wag tail. They both do that all the time. They are as vocal as the 1st day I got them!
    What is wampoo?

  6. Yeah, mine are really vocal also. The only way I can tell is by looking at her bum and it's slimy a bit. Sometimes, you'll notice that her fur is clumpy on the flank, then check her butt and you'll usually see slime. Or a buck rag. Nasty things but really helpful. Give her a wiff of it and if she loves it, then she might be in heat or getting really close.

    Wampoo is a game. It's kinda like chinese checkers when we were kids. I'll post a pic of the board next blog. It's really fun.


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