Sunday, October 4, 2009


We drove to Halifax yesterday to watch the show Drum! We brought J. with us. It was the first time he had been to a live theater show. We all LOVED,LOVED,LOVED it!!!! Just go on Facebook and type it in groups. It was fantabulous!! I cannot say enough.

It's about 4 cultures (Acadian, Aboriginal, Black and Celts) coming together with music. Their history, their trials and tribulations through out the centuries. With of course drums being the main part of the show.

It's been raining so much these last few days I thought we needed an ark. My land!!Phew. Last week one day it rained almost a foot in less than a few hours. Then the sun came through like nothing happened. We have such strange weather here.

It was the harvest moon last night and according to old wives tales and the news, if you haven't had a frost yet, you're safe till next full moon. So I guess I'm safe till then. Because I haven't had a frost yet!!YAY!!! My pumpkins will be safe for a while longer.


  1. That show sounds really fabulous, love the idea of blending those cultures together.

    We've had a lot of rain here in WI, too. I am holding out for a little bit of sunshine this week.

  2. Good luck with that. My goats are having cabin fever.

  3. Good advice for primer, thank you. And you are right I got the cheapest stuff Walmart had. Live and learn, right? You do that for a living? Must be fun, trying out paint colors in other peoples houses, then if you like them you can do it in your house.

    I told a gal I was painting and she asked me what my theme was. I said theme? She says yeah, your designer. I said, Early American Garage Sale. She got a strange look on her face and kinda smirked. I thought it was pretty funny tho.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful show. I never go to live theatre - I've only been 3x in my whole life but I'm going to Lion King this Saturday - I am so excited. I hear it is WONDERFUL!


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