Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I love fall!!!

It's been a busy week again. I clipped the goat's hooves. Or as I say, I gave them a manicure. It's not their favourite thing to have done to them. But it has to be done.

At church I led worship and told them a little joke. They all cracked up. I've learned my lesson, I try my jokes on my co workers before I try them in front of 100 people. The first time I told a joke in front of the congregation it bombed. Not good. It didn't help I was super nervous either. A friend of mine and a member of the congregation told me to stick to my true life stories, they were funnier. Ack! What does that say about my life!lol. But now my jokes are a lot better.
I made a few jars of salsa last night. It's a far cry from 150 bottles we used to do every fall.
We went apple picking last night also. It's our annual foray to the apple orchard down the road. We're not big apple eaters, but I just love the ambiance. Hmmm is there an ambiance in an apple orchard? I think so.
Fall is my favourite time of the year.

Spring is full of new renewal and promise and blackflies.

Summer is beach time!! And barefeet season, but also the humidity is a killer.

Winter is snow, and our Saviour's birthday! Sledding, skating!! But slush, wind, carrying water to the animals because the automatic waterers are frozen.
But fall....ah yes.. fall. Fall is beautiful colours, no bugs, harvest is over, time to start hibernating, nice, cool temps. Fall is pretty much perfect!!
I thought I'd enclose a few photos of the lake on our property. This is the view the goats have everyday.

Well, it's time to go to bed. It's been a long, long day.
Have a Blessed evening.


  1. Lucky goats. I have yet to clip my goats hooves. The lady I got them from came over a few weeks ago and showed me how. I am going to try and do it tmr while the eat their grain.

  2. You do have a beautiful place.

    When do you usually get snow up there?
    Hopefully we wont get any till November sometime.

  3. We usually only get a small sprinkling of snow in late December, but get most of the snow in January-early March. But every year is different. We always get a green or wet Christmas which is a bummer.


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