Saturday, September 12, 2009

Airshow and tour part 1

Today was a fun day. We went to the airshow. We went for a ride in an army tank!!That was fun even for a claustrophobic person like me (they had the top open, so I felt alot better). We saw the Snowbirds. I love watching them. I'm posting a pic of one of their stunts. I only have 3 in the photo. They're really 10. J. was excited for all of it. We also really like the F18 hornet display. That thing can move!

J. got a 4 wheeler for the first time. I'm not impressed with this. A relative loaned him the money since we couldn't really afford it. It's a second hand one. Dave has been giving him lessons on it tonight. He really is excited, but the poor little thing is also sick with a cold. :(

I thought that I'd start with the farm tour tonight. I'll start with the goat's pasture. In the photo you really can't see how far it goes, but it's pretty big, considering there's only 3 goats. Looking in this photo, you're looking towards the road.
Right by the goat pasture are my old blueberry bushes that are dying. I used to have about a dozen large bushes that would produce so many berries that it would literally fill my freezer! But old age has hit them, every year it seems like there are less bees to pollinate and the heavy snows we have been getting in the last few years (we usually don't get lots of snow here) have played havoc on them. So I've planted 10 new trees, but they are only tiny now. I've also planted raspberry canes beside the old blueberries. This is not the best place for either one, since on the way to the pasture, the goats just love to grab a mouthful of which ever one suits their fancy. Not good. You can also see J.'s "tree fort" and my greenhouse in the back ground. It was a mother's day gift from Dave several years ago.
Right by the greenhouse is the pumpkin patch. I love growing pumpkins, just for the heck of it. Now the goats and the pigs get them after Halloween.
Waaayyy in the back corner of our property is J. and I's buoy tree. Yes its tacky but we love it! I think all properties should have one tacky area. We love scouring the beaches for them and beach glass which is put on display in large jars in our bathroom. The buoy tree really is a point of interest and breaks the ice when people come to visit our back yard for the first time. Well really...most of our property works as an icebreaker now a days, with all the animals.
I hope you liked the first installment of our property tour. Stay tuned next week for more excited photos of Spring Peeper Farm! Oh man, I need to go to bed. I'm a bit tired.

Have a Blessed Evening.

"How much better to get wisdom than gold! And to get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver." Proverbs 16:16


  1. I have not been to an air show in years. I really don't like to go. It's a lot of walking around in the heat looking at airplanes. Might be that I worked with airplanes for over 23 years.

    I like the buoy tree.
    In the very 1st pic, are you in the goat pen or is the goat pen the the fencing on the left or the right?

  2. I'm in the goat pen. It's kinda shaped like an hourglass. The top of the hour glass was behind me. In the photo you could see the waist of the hourglass and way up you could kinda see the other end of the hourglass. I hope that explains it better.

  3. We had buoys on our front porch in Cold Bay when I was a kid. We had all sizes strung about. My step-dad would go to the Bearing Sea side and gather the old Japanese glass buoys too. He had quite a collection of those, from 2" in diameter up to 3 foot.


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