Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Be careful what you wish for....

This morning I went to check on the laying hens. As I walked in someone crowed!!! I was so excited! The only problem was that I was staring the rooster in the face and his lips weren't moving! (yes, lips) I blinked in disbelief and he crowed again. This time the crowing was coming from outside. Either my rooster can throw his "crow" or I had another rooster that I never figured on. I went outside and there in the midst of half a dozen hens was a tiny pullet that was crowing away. It's a bantie and I was positive was a pullet, not a rooster. I guess I was wrong. But in the meantime back in the chicken coop Mr. Henpecked decided he wanted some attention, so HE started crowing! Now I've got 2 roosters that are crowing. Like I said, be careful what you wish for...
Tootsie, J.'s kitten has been missing for a few days. This morning when Dave went outside to go to work, Tootsie was at the bottom of the steps. He could barely move. So pitiful. We figure he got run over by a car. We brought him inside and put him in the basement in his little bed with food, water and litter box close by. It seems like his back legs are dislocated. I gave him tylenol and prayed a long bit. J. doesn't take death of animals too lightly, any animals. He worried all day long. I called the vet and they said that cats are super tough and I should just do what I'm doing for a few days and see how he's doing. I know you're probably asking why don't I bring him to the vet. Well the answer is horrible, but the realistic truth. We can't really afford to dish out 500$ to the vet. From past experience I know this is what it's going to be. Or darn close.

Tonight I got home from work and it's amazing the transformation Tootsie has gone through. He's still walking with a limp but he's walking, which this morning he could hardly move. He's eating well, using the litter box and wanting to be cuddled. I'm praying that he will make a good recovery. I don't think he'll make a full one, but you never know.

Speaking of being broke, tomorrow I have to get my tooth fixed and we all have appointments to get our eyes checked. Ugh. Plus my washer is going on the fritz. The repair man is coming tomorrow morning.

Yesterday I tried making yogurt again. This time it totally flopped. I'm not sure why. I also lost my thermometer in the yogurt. It died. It got full of yogurt. Digital thermometers and yogurt don't mix.

Have Blessed evening


  1. Are you making it with goat milk? If so does it taste ok? I have no problem drinking really clean fresh goat milk.

    I know what you mean about spending money on pets. I just got the kittens shots and de-wormed. I have the 2nd dose here at home to do myself to save some money.

  2. Hope the kitty is going to be ok. They are tough! Glad you got some Roosters :)

  3. Krissy,

    Goats milk yogurt tastes the same as cow's milk yogurt. It's delich with maple syrup and granola.


  4. I hope your kitty recovers fully. It is always sad when one of our pets is hurting.


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