Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of school

Well today was the actual first day of school. Not yesterday like I orginally thought. Duh! J. was all excited when he saw the new school bus! He didn't want to go to school tho. There's a bully in his class that has been harassing him since primary. I just love it when schools say they have no tolerance for bullies. I'm thinking," yeaah right. What's the scoop with this kid." But J. was the bigger "man" today. The bully started right away. So J. asked him "why can't they just be friends?" The bully actually said that might be a good idea and he'd try. Wow. This might be too easy.
I'm posting a photo of J. walking to his "doom". Too bad he doesn't like school. He is a very bright kid, but it's just not for him.

Well the goats' poop is all back to normal. I let them out in their pasture today for the first time in a couple of days. When they get scours (a nice word for the runs) they have to be put on just a hay diet. So this morning their poopies were normal. They were happy to get outside. It is cold in the mornings now. Brrr. I actually need a jacket to go milking.

My friend, Brad, got a few more goats that were really a rescue mission. So he's trying to get the goats healthy. So he's constantly checking their poops also. Needless to say when we talk or email, the topic always comes to poop. I told him, " We have sad, sad little lives, all we talk about is goat poop." He said in his usual dry wisdom "Well at least it's better than gossiping about other people's crap!" Oh Brad, you're so funny.

I made some cream cheese a few days ago. Plain and I tried lemon-dill. J. likes the lemon-dill.

Here's a recent picture of the piglets just for you Tammy.

Have a Blessed evening


"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;But when a wicked man rules, the people groan." Proverbs 29:2


  1. You know it seems like some kids just love school and others hate it. I wonder if it's just a personality thing? Some may like structure, socializing, learning in group environment. ANd others are not so structured, prefer to be alone and don't like the group thing.

    Glad your goats are doing better. You should give us a tour of your farm with photos. I know you've got pigs and goats, what else do you have?

  2. Just chickens. I'm so new to this blogging that I have no clue how to do the tour thing. We also have a steer, but he's pastured out at a farm up the hill, since we don't have the room for him.

  3. Poor kid! He really looks down in the dumps. I hope that the bully turning into a friend works out. That would be great.
    I know what you mean. I watch my dogs poop, the goats and now the kittens. It's a good way to know the health of them. But sometimes I have to shake my head as I know the current status of all the animals poop. I feel that I need a life sometimes!

    I think my sister Patty wants you to post pics of the chicken coop, the pig pen, the goat pen and stalls. Stuff like that so we can see them in our mind when you talk about them.

  4. By tour, I think PAK means just lots of pic of the area around your house, barn and such.

    I'm a poop watcher too. No better indicator of an animals health.

  5. This weekend I'll take pictures of everything and post them. It's not much to see, but I know what you guys mean. It helps in your mind to know what I'm talking about.


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