Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ranting and Raving...

I thought that I'd post this nice and peaceful picture of a magnolia blossom from my tree this spring before I start to rant. I'm not quite sure how to start this post. I'm just so ticked off at just about everything in general. First of all I hope I don't insult anyone because this is not my intention. I just want to give my opinion somewheres. And since it's MY blog this is as good a place as any.

It all started at the end of August. This year I had to go sign a contract with the daycare. They have decided to change alot of things. We used to be allotted 2 sick days a month.. that if I was sick or the child was sick, doctor appointments etc... we didn't have to pay. Well that's gone.
J. is only there 2 days a week, they said it was fine for this year, but next year if it gets busier I'll either have to pay for the whole week or he can't go! I told them, when this is the case, he won't go because I can't afford to send him there all week. I don't make much at work and between gas and daycare it wouldn't be worth it to send him there. Next summer even if we give them plenty of notice (like a few months) I still have to pay for our vacation weeks even if he's not there. They say this is to "save" his spot. Well when he's not there they can take other kids and make more money. But the best one is if he's scheduled for a certain day and that day falls on a statutory holiday (in our province we have 5 paid statutory holidays) even though they are closed I have to pay for the entire day!!!!!!The kicker is that "they" have 8 "statutory holidays". So 3 of these days my work is closed, I don't get paid and I have to still dish out daycare for them even though they're closed!!!! Am I the only one that sees anything wrong with this picture?

When I confronted the director about this she said,"My employees work hard and they deserve all this." Yeah well I work hard too and I'm going deeper and deeper in the red!! I'm paying for a service I cannot get. I said to her "It's kinda like if you didn't have power in your house for a whole day and the power company still charged you for it. How would you feel?" I was so mad when I left her office I was on the verge of tears.

The problem with all this is that all daycares in this province have the same rules so I can't change. Well I can't change daycares because that's the only one around here.

I feel like I'm banging my head against the wall. We are trying to make ends meet, yet they seem to be getting farther and farther apart. Our wages stay the same yet everything else is going up.

Then yesterday J. had a cold and he needed cough drops. So I send him off to school and told him I'd go get some and drop them off to him since it was my day off. So I get there at around 10am. I give the cough drops to the secretary and ask her to give them to J. I also ask her to give him his cold medication and tell him to take it at noon. She said, I'm sorry but that's not possible. We aren't allowed to give any kind of medicine to the students and they aren't allowed to take it.

I said" I did it last year all the time.I'd send a note to the teacher saying he had permission to do so and I never had a problem."

She said " He's not allowed any medication in his backpack at all. Some other student might go in his back pack , steal it and take it."

I sooo wanted to say something to this, like someone else shouldn't be IN HIS BACKPACK... but this is a very nice secretary, so I didn't want to get snotty with her.

So I ask" What happens if he needs a certain kind of medicine everyday? (eg.. antibiotics etc...)

She told me that "I'd have to leave work to come administer this medication to him."

ARGHHHHH!!!!! So I'd have to leave work drive 20 minutes ONE WAY, give him his medecine and drive back, with only 30 minutes for lunch. What is wrong with this picture?

I sooooo want to be a stay at home mom. I need something that will bring in an income so I can stay at home with my family so I can stay away from all this beauracracy. (i know that's misspelled)
This is just driving me nuts!!

I need another vacation.

Ok I am now going to get down from my soapbox now.



  1. Sounds like they really have you in a corner. SO I want to make sure I got this stright. On holidays, where everything is shut down and the day care place is shut down because it's a Providance holiday you still have to pay? But they are the ones that are closed? but you still have to pay? I just don't get that.
    I don't have an clue for what you can do but I hope and wish you luck on being able to stay at home. Maybe sell goat milk soap? goat cheese? Do day care in your own home?

  2. Rotten day care policy's!
    We used day care when our eldest was young and it was a pain. So much so that my husband and I worked different shifts and never saw each other except weekends when our second was born. When the third came along I stayed home and watched our neighbors three kids. It was nice to be home, but watching other peoples kids is a hassle all it's own!!

    It's nice to have all of ours in school and only have to panic when someone is sick and I have to call in sick to take care of them.

    Krissy is right, you should try making goat's milk soap. It's good stuff!!

  3. I'm feeling for you. I know many who are struggling just as you are. Everything goes up, apartment rental, gas, electric, water, sewer, even garbage service. But wages don't go up. They go down and hours are cut.

    Do you bake? Perhaps an in-home bakery where you can provide cookies/muffins/cupcakes to local venders like coffee shops? One of my blogger friends makes little cupcakes by the thousands every week to sell. If you go to my blog, click on "Messyfish" in my sidebar.

  4. Thanks to all of you but I have thought of many things to do at home and either you need a licence. Or too many people are doing it already. Like cupcakes, you need a licence, then you have to equip your kitchen to government specs, so that's thousands of $$$. So many people sell goats milk soap around here it's not even funny. I know I could sell enough goat milk to keep a dozen goats going but selling raw milk or cheese is so illegal in Canada, you're actually better off selling marijuana. I know of so many people wanting to buy my milk but I'm not permitted to sell it.
    I'm going to start selling Epicure it's homeparties for a while to kinda get rid of a few bills, but it won't help with the daycare problem. And I'll see J. and Dave less, but hopefully it'll only be for a little while.

    I'm going to have to pray on this for a while.

  5. It's also against the law here. How people get around is that people own a "share" of the goat. Their "share" cost x amount of money a month and with that they get x amount of milk, that money also covers feed and vet care.

  6. Hmmmm, that's interesting. I think I've heard of that with selling chickens and eggs,but the glitch is that the produce cannot be taken off the farm. The government has all their tricks up their sleeve also in Canada.


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