Thursday, September 10, 2009


I was just about to go milk when I noticed a black and white streak fly by the barn. Eve had escaped!!! I'm not sure where. But we caught her in no time. She is going to be sick tonight and tomorrow tho. Not good. She has bloat. She got into something she shouldn't have. She was the sick one last week that got into the dulse. (she's the one on the right in the photo.)
An update on Tootsie. He's doing alot better. He actually walked up the basement stairs all by himself and wants to go outside. Not going to happen!

The repair man came and fixed my washing machine. It was the pump that was ready to let go. It should only cost about 100$. Not bad. Better than a new washing machine I guess.

At the eye doctor none of us needed glasses. Well I mean Dave and J. have perfect vision and my prescription is still good. She did say next time I will probably need BIFOCALS!!Ack! I'm getting old. Whoa is me! Oh well I guess it's better than the other alternative. Being dead. I'll take old age for now. lol. I also got my tooth fixed today. It wasn't bad.


  1. I had the same ACK moment when I went to the eye doctors a few months ago. I could have got the old people glasses if I wanted them but I didnt have to yet. I chose to put if off till nest time.
    My goats have yet to make a break for it. Other then when they figured out how to open the gate. Then I changed that. So far so good.

  2. I am getting to the bifocal stage too, but am stubbornly holding off.

  3. I'm glad your cat is feeling better. One of our cat's named Wolfie, showed up one day with a broken back leg (I assume he was hit by a car too). He limped around for a day or so and then disappeared for about 10 days. I thought he gone off and died, but nope he showed back up a little skinny and still limping just not as bad. I figure he'll always have a problem with that leg, but like you we couldn't afford that vet bill.
    Nothing like a good helping of guilt, right?

  4. yeah, but at least I see I'm not the only one that can't afford the vet all the time. When we thought Febe the goat had Ketosis last fall I called the vet at 9pm on a Saturday night. He said do you really want me to come over? Is she really worth that much money? Just the call to come over was going to be more than what I had paid for the goat! So he told me what to do over the phone and everything turned out fine. She didn't have ketosis, just a very bad belly ache.

  5. Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping at my blog today! Your blog is lovely!

    Just a question....about how old would you say your 'rooster' was before you realized it was a rooster?? I'm curious if any of my chickens are going to turn on me!

  6. I'd say almost 6 months old. Thanks for looking at my blog. Become a follower if you want.


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