Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Woodpile

Hmmm.. for some strange reason I got a double photo of the woodpile and I can't delete it.

Dave has been working hard the last two days. He split 8 cords of wood in 8 hours total. My hero! It's like they say firewood keeps you warm twice, first when you split and bring it in, and again when you burn it.
We've had to start the wood furnace this week. Brrr... it's been cold in the mornings and evenings. The afternoons are nice and warm. So that means that I've begun knitting again in the evenings. I only know how to knit dish clothes, but it keeps me busy.

I've sold Eve. Sniff, sniff. I'm going to miss her, but I was going to sell her next year anyway, so this way I'm not completely attached to her. Well yes, I am, but it would be worse if I waited a whole year. At least though it's a friend that bought her. So this way we can go visit her.
I'm hoping you guys like the picture of Whisper. It seems like she's saying,"hey mom! give me a manicure!" I gave Eve her last manicure today.
I think that Whisper is going to miss Eve alot. I don't think Febe will. She might...we'll have to wait and see.
The following picture is for Aunt Krissy (transplanted Alaskan) This is what my new spider plant looks like after my 2 cats have a chew at it. I bought it because I had never seen such a beautiful spider plant. The colours were vibrant, the leaves perfect. Yeah... right.
Last night the municipality decided to honour the volunteer firefighters of the area. Dave is a volunteer firefighter. So they gave a banquet for them. We went and had a nice turkey meal. That was nice of them.

We had a mink by the chicken coop tonight. Dave tried to "get" it but it was gone by the time he had the gun ready. That's why I don't let me chickens loose. I'd love to, but I'd have no hens left. We used to have ducks in our lake, but it would attract the mink so bad, we stopped getting them. They would just kill them, suck their blood and leave the body behind. Nasty creatures. In one year we killed over 6 mink. If we would have known we would have sold the pelts for $50+ .

Well that's about it for this time.
Have a Blessed Evening


  1. I like your goats. They are very cute. Are you going to start to dry them up? When will you breed them?

    Poor little spider plant. So far my plants are doing good. The little hell kittens have not gotten to them..................yet.

  2. Febe is the only one milking and I'll only dry her up in December or if she starts giving only a cup or so per milking I'll dry her up earlier. Last year I only dried her up in January. I'm going to breed Febe in November. Whisper is too small to breed this year.


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