Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hen-pecked rooster

I never thought I'd see the day. I have a henpecked rooster. First we had Philias, he was a bantie ameraucana rooster. Him and Philomene were a pair. I was sure he was gay. He never crowed. He would cluck. He did do his thing though. Because we now have Bibi his daughter. Anyway, I digress. Philias had to be put down a few months ago. Something happened to his leg and it couldn't be repaired. So off I go on a tangent to find a new rooster. One that would CROW!

Well wouldn't you know it?! This guy doesn't crow either. He tries, but his "girls" peck him. So he is literally henpecked! Take a look at the back of his neck, no feathers! What next.

It's been a long week. I broke a tooth at work. No worker's compensation won't pay, I broke it on break eating a piece of popcorn. Not even on an old maid. Just a piece of popcorn. I have to wait till Thursday before I can get it fixed. At least it doesn't hurt, cause it's on a tooth that had a root canal done.

I had to work Saturday. Ugh. That just kills me. It tires me out for the week. I'm just getting old. That's all there is to it.
Friday night we went to my cousin's camper lot. Dave and J. fished most of the time we were there. There was a nice moonrise, I guess you could call it.
I didn't go to church today. I think there was a reason that God said we should rest on the Sabbath day. Instead of going to church , I painted the barn. It gave me a headache. I should have gone to church and been spiritually uplifted, instead I got a migraine.Nice. Dave and J. went fishing. I just had too much to do, I had to do deviled eggs, clean the house, put clothes away and paint the barn. That's one reason I don't like working on Saturdays. It puts me behind on everything at the house. We had a potluck to go to at the church tonight. Dave was making his famous BBQ chicken. That's why I made the eggs.

This was not the weekend to be in this area. It's called Wharf Rat Rally weekend in Digby. It's one of the biggest motorcycle rallies in North America. It's just a tiny town of 9000 people and about 50,000 people swarmed in!! All on Harley's. I really don't want to offend anyone, but I really don't like Harley's. I mean why pay 25,000$ for a motorcycle that's going to shake your innards? I can do it much cheaper. Oh well no accounting for other people's tastes.

Well that's about all for today. Have a Blessed evening.

"And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done." Genesis 2:2


  1. We had an odd ball rooster once that was henpecked too. He was actually smaller than the hens and that gave him a bit of a disadvantage, poor fellow.
    Too bad about your tooth, I've cracked several teeth on food. The biggest culprit for me was a hidden olive pit in a piece of Italian bread.

  2. I went to Strugis one year. Me and a friend and her a van. Wow was that an eye opener. It was fun to see but I got a head ache from all the noise and fumes.

    So is this rooster gay also?

  3. Well... this rooster tried crowing last week. Just once. I don't think this one is gay. I mean what are the odds of getting two gay roosters!lol. At least this one doesn't cluck. Maybe he doesn't dare.

  4. Funny. I just assumed all roosters would do what they are supposed to do. Crow in the morning, make people get up and run around the hens and pester them all day.

    I get migraines too. I can totally understand. I think it would be a good idea to take "keeping the sabbath as a day of rest" seriously. I don't either, but sometimes I wish I could just do absolutely nothing for one day a week and not feel guilty about it!

  5. Amen to that! I still had the headache today. But I discovered Aleve!!!It's finally now available in Canada. That will work for a while till I get immune to that also. I'm up to 2 extra strenght tylenol, 2 extra strenght migraine advil, heat pads, massage therapist etc...

  6. We've never had a rooster that didn't crow. I didn't know there was such a rooster.

    We kept the light on our chickens their first winter and they kept laying eggs, but ended up molting during the coldest part of winter. None died, but the sure looked horrible, just like what you'd see in your roasting pan with a few tufts of feathers here and there. We no longer try to force them to lay in the winter. At the time we had about 30 naked chickens. My husband wanted to name our farm The naked chicken ranch. I vetoed that idea, as too many folks would probably think we were some sort of house of ill-repute. haha.


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