Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not happy campers!

Well the mink has departed from this world. Dave got 'im!! Yeeehaaa! No, I'm just kidding I don't like to see any animal die even if it's a vile mink. But ya gotta protect your own. I just talked to my friend Noelle and she just lost a whole bunch of roosters to a mink this weekend. It must be the time of the year. She lives a ways away from me so it's not the same mink. She actually lives in mink country. Where we go to church there is alot of mink ranches. It keeps the economy going down here, but it's a stinky multi million dollar economy. Yuck.

My neighbour warned me this morning that we have a coyote prowling the area. That's the problem about living in the woods you get all kinds of wild critters. Hopefully they'll leave the piglets alone. But I believe that momma pig will protect them.

Speaking of momma pig, we had all the piglets sold and someone backed out today. They had 2. They want their deposit back, even though we told them at the time they gave the deposit, that it was non refundable. They said that the house they are living in is being sold and they can't keep it, but we also heard through the pig grapevine that they've been looking for a cheaper one. So we don't know if this is true or not. We're not sure what to do. If they are telling the truth we feel kinda bad keeping the deposit, but we did tell them no refunds. Maybe we should tell them that if we find another buyer for the piglets then we'll give them their money back, if we find no buyer....tough noogies. I mean when were they going to tell us?

Well Eve has found a happy home at a friends house. I'm glad all is going well.

I noticed that I haven't posted a photo of Roxie our dog. So Voila!! Isn't she sweet?

I was supposed to call in the order of service for church tonight, but I forgot my hymn book at church. Not smart. I'm leading worship Sunday.



  1. I have a dog named Roxie too!

    I've enjoyed going back and catching up on some of your posts. I've been without internet for a few days and felt like I was missing out on all my friends chatting. I don't like being left out!

  2. I think that that's a good ideal. They can have a refund if you can sell them to somebody else. They knew up front that there was no refunds.

    Roxie looks like a good dog with a sweet nature.


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