Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another hot day!

You know when you could avert a possible disaster yet nobody will listen to you? Well this happened to me last night. Let me tell you guys a little story. We have been battling bats in our attic for 17 years now. When we think we've licked them, they come back. So it was time to attack the problem one more time. Hubby had an idea where they were coming into the attic, so two weeks ago he asks me to bring a large can of Mono expanding foam and a long hose that would fit the nozzle, because the little one that comes with it isn't long enough to reach the cracks he needs to get to. So I bring the said Mono and hose but asks my darling hubby, "Do you really think that the hose will stay on? There's a lot of pressure in that can."
"oh yes!" says darling dear. "it'll work great!"
"Ok." I mean what do I know just a mere female.
So finally last night he gets his dad's super tall ladder and waits patiently till the said bats are out of our belfry. While this is all happening I'm in the house contently writing my blog. I don't hear anything, everything seems to be going well.
He walks into the house and I ask (not looking at him, intent on my blog) "so how did it go?"
"Uh, well, ok I guess. I did have a little mishap though."
I turned to look at him. There, standing in the living room is my husband splattered with mono expanding foam all over his arms, his face and his clothes!
"What the heck happened?"
" Well, the pressure in the can was a bit too much for the hose and instead of going through the hose, it kinda backsplashed in my face."
I'm thinking, "didn't I try to avoid this two weeks ago?" Today we were still picking foam off of his arms and face. There is some all over the siding of the house also. Ahh well. At least this morning when the bats tried to get back in the attic they found their entryway blocked!

I played hookie from work today. Well, not really. I asked for the afternoon off so we could all go to the Annapolis Valley exhibition. We had never been. It was great! I saw a miniature donkey that I sooooo want to bring home to my goats, unfortunately, or should I say fortunately, she was 1200$!!! That's about 1199$ more than I have to spend on a donkey. It was so hot and the animals were all roasting in their stalls. Many farmers had set up fans to cool them off. I had forgotten my hat and I realized that I was getting a sun stroke so we all went into a barn to get away from the sun. After all the rain we have had this summer, I never thought that I'd say that I was running away from the sun, but I was. We are supposed to get a category 4 hurricane this weekend. That'll be nice. I'm working. Ok,that's not nice of me to say. I take it back.

We also watched the miniature horse jumping. That was cute. Ohhhh, I need more money in my bank account and about 50 more acres of land.

Well gotta go to sleep.
Have a Blessed day.


  1. Where will the poor bats go?
    I saw a donkey that I also wanted to take home at a farm auction. But I didn't. I have just the right amount of animals on my 4 acres.

  2. Hey, Thanks for coming along and following my blog, I guess I don't make that very easy for folks so I appreciate it when they do. It looks like you are all off on a good start with the growing your own food thing.

  3. I would rather have your heat than our chilly/rainy weather.

    Good bat story. In the past we have had them in our barn, but have never had a problem with them.

    I bet that miniature donkey was cute.

    I agree with you on having more acres of land and financial freedom!

  4. I asked Dave the same thing, Where will the bats go? He said I don't really care. Meanie! But I think that they will roost in our little shed like some have been doing before. THey are fine there. I might get a bat house too. Because they are beneficial, just not in my house!

  5. Great post! Speaking from experience, that foam is NASTY stuff to get off skin and clothes. We've had mini-donkeys and I highly recommend them. They stay in the fence and out of the garden and flower beds and shrubbery much better than goats do.


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