Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whale watching

I'm soooo tired. We went whale watching today with Elaine and Ron. They loved it, but I was soooo sick. I'm not seasick as a rule. Well, really I'm never seasick. But I have a middle ear problem that is starting to get worse as I age (eventually I will be deaf in that ear) and it's starting to cause dizziness and I think that might have been my problem. Here's a photo of a lighthouse on the way in from whale watching and Dave took a picture of a very nauseous me. I could barely move. Do you see the green around my gills?

It also wasn't the best whale watching we saw. We did see whales but they didn't jump or fluke (wave their tails). So we didn't get any good photos. On the way back I was feeling a bit better and J. and I saw a seal. He was cute.

We are planning a large chicken BBQ here Saturday.About 50+ people are invited and I guess there's a hurricane also invited. Well we didn't invite it, but it's inviting himself. Grrrr. So we have a case of chicken ordered at the store. What on earth are we supposed to do. We can't bring a case of chicken home and not use it! We don't have the fridge or freezer space! We can't keep it till the next weekend because Dave is doing a BBQ for the church next Saturday and then works the weekend after. Then it's getting too cold to make a BBQ like that. Oh, I'm so disgusted.

Well I'll keep you informed with our conundrum tomorrow.

Have a Blessed evening


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for following my blog. It's nice to meet you!

    Look forward to reading your posts.
    Good luck with the chicken!

  2. Hey! I didn't get an invite to the party! I can eat some BBQ chicken. I hope that the weather will hold off for you or can you move it in doors? Maybe the church would let you use the building for 50 people?
    Only 3 jars of beets? Not near enough.

  3. Well, zero jars of beets is enough for me. I have a hard time stomaching the smell of vinegar. But Dave and J. love them. Sigh... no accounting for tastes. The church would be a good idea, but it's 35 minutes away.


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