Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot

Oh Mylanta! It was hot here yesterday. It was around 110 degrees and that wasn't counting in the humidex. So maybe that's why Febe is skimping on her milk.

We didn't go to church and I slept in till 9:30! Not good. Why is it that when you sleep in it gives you a headache? You'd think that if you sleep in that means your body needs it, so it shouldn't punish you for it! Argh!

We had a kiddie birthday party to go to in the afternoon but Dave had people coming to see the piglets, which are all doing very well. So Dave stayed home and we went to the party. While our son was at the party I scooted over to my aunt Marg's to pick some blueberries. BAD MOVE! Even though I had my sun hat I couldn't pick more than 4 quarts. It was so hot, not a breeze in sight and the mosquitoes were on the war path. Usually when it's that hot the only thing to contend with are horse flies, not mosquitoes! They must have been hungry.

When we got home I had company. A new goat person had come to see our little farm. He stayed until almost 8:30. We talked chickens and goats. He did like the piglets! The people that were coming to see the piglets originally came and they might get 2 instead of just one. If they do, that means, that all the piglets will be spoken for! That didn't take long to sell them all. They will only be ready to go in September.

Well that's it for now. I have to get our son ready his massage appointment.

Have a Blessed Day! And it's giving another scorcher for today.



  1. 110? Really? 110? I have a hard time with 90!
    One of the ladies at my church was told by a goverment person that we ( the church ) can not have a putluck every Sunday. something about the risk of food poison. There is a WI law about it but it doesn't effect churches.

  2. It's funny, most Americans think that it's always snowing in Canada. When in reality it's hotter here than most places in the US. I have actually seen Americans come off the ferry from Portland, Maine with SNOW SKIS on the roof rack of their cars in mid July thinking that they could come and ski here. Well I mean we are in Canada. We're "north" so we have snow all year long. Right?

  3. I know what you mean! Whne I lived in Alaska I worked for an airline. Some of the questions that I would get! I really wanted to ask some people how they got dressed in the morning as they were so stupid!


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