Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beets and fish

Today I think that the mugginess has finally departed the area. It was hot today, but it wasn't a sticky heat. I picked all the beets in the garden and I had a whole 3 bottles!! Woohoo! My garden was so pathetic this year. It was sad, sad,sad. I just want Dave to till the whole darn thing and be gone with it! I've been throwing the weeds to the chickens. They just love it!
My sister in law, Elaine and her husband are down from Alberta for a weeks vacay. They came for supper tonight. We made BBQ porkchops, corn and sliced taters on the Barbie. It was good. The pork was ours and so was the cucumber. If the garden had produced the taters and the corn would have been ours also. Grrrr
After supper Dave and our son went fishing. Dave caught pickeral and J. caught a white bass. He was excited. We just watched from the sidelines.

The piggies are still thriving. They all go outside now. So cute to see them root around in the mud like their mum. Then when it's time to go in, she actually calls to them and they all run to her. So cute!

Dave finished J's tree fort. He was happy about that!

Have a Blessed evening.

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