Sunday, August 16, 2009

Aug 16, 09

Yesterday was a busy but fun day. My son and I did our chores then high-tailed it to the Annapolis farmer's market. I bought a strange little pepper plant and he bought a candy kabob. But other than that we just admired the sights, sounds and heat. I don't like buying veg from the market because they overprice everything. Blueberries there are 3-4$ a quart and you can buy them everywhere else for 2$. It's because it's a tourist trap and they know most people will pay that price. Myself, I'm cheap.

We then walked up the hill to Fort Anne so he could play on the hills. Ahhh, to have that energy. I stayed on top of the hills and watched him go up and down.

I had to stop at the store and get eggs for the Sunday school picnic. I was going to make devilled eggs. You probably ask why am I buying eggs when I have a dozen laying hens at home? Fresh eggs don't make good devilled eggs. The shell is hard to peel off.

We went to Johnson Christian Park for our Sunday school picnic and supper. It was good and our son swam in the lake all evening. It was dark by the time he got out! We had an outdoor service which was good also. Then we had a bonfire. We even had a little visitor, a mink. It came right up to my feet and I snapped a few pictures of it.

Well today it's going to be hot again. Our son has a birthday party to go to and I'm going to pick blueberries and my yellow beans.

Have a Blessed day!


  1. I was talking to the lady that I got my goats from. She said that stress will cause goats to not give as much milk and HEAT is a big stresser for goats. You mentioned that you are having some high heat so that might be the problem. That's to bad that the Farmers Market jacks up the price. Here the Farmers market is a great place to get low prices and fresh veggies. I have planed 2 weeks in advance tomake deviled eggs. I hate it when you can't get the peel off. Grrrrrr

  2. I was wondering if the heat could be affecting her. That must be it. Because nothing else has changed.

    I just go buy the eggs at the store. I'm not much at planning ahead.


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