Saturday, December 18, 2010

I should have stayed in bed....

Well winter has come to this part of Nova Scotia. It's cold and it's snowy. That means lugging water. The ground is semi frozen and I didn't get to plant my garlic or pick the rest of the carrots in the garden. Hmmm.. I wonder if they'll overwinter? Will I have carrots next spring? or will they be all mushy? That's something that will have to wait till next spring.

The cats are happy that the Christmas decorations are up. Binoo was in her usual spot the minute the tree was done. They are pretty good with the decorations. They only bother the bottom ones on the tree, and most of the time they don't even bother.

Yesterday morning we awoke to squeaking in the kitchen. Binoo and Daisy had a mouse cornered under the radiators. Heaven forbid that they catch it and eat it. No, no, no!! Too much work and it might dirty their paws. So J. and I went to the rescue. We saved the mouse from the jaws of death..well, kind of. We petted it and talked to it, then I let it loose outside, hoping it would be smart enough to find a nice warm hole to hibernate in.

Well let me tell you, no wonder mice are at the bottom of the food chain. They aren't the brightest bulbs in the bunch. Within 10 minutes Shadow tracked down the mouse and had a nice breakfast.

J. was all disappointed, but then Dave in all his wisdom told J., "How would you like to be stuck in a cold barn all night? This way Shadow had a nice warm meal first thing this morning. Kinda like oatmeal to you."

Tis' the season for Christmas concerts. So far we've had the Sunday school concert and J. was a nice wiseman. Then we had the school concert. Tomorrow night we're having the church Christmas contata.

Well onto the reason behind the title of this post.

It started out innocently enough that Sunday morning a few weeks ago....

We got up, ate breakfast, showered and then off to church.

The weather was still mild so I wore my leather jacket. I wasn't leading worship so I decided to wear jeans.

That morning we sat in the balcony...thank goodness...

It was a bit chilly in the church so I kept my jacket on.....thank goodness....

So we stood up and prayed and sang....then sat down...then stood up again... you get the picture.

Then it was the greeting chorus, so we went down to shake hands with the other people and I still had on my jacket...thank goodness.....

I started to climb up the stairs to the balcony when I felt something weird on my butt. I tried to inconspicuously feel what the problem was, nothing seemed amiss. I figured my underwear were in a spot that they weren't supposed to be in. So I didn't think any more about it.

I got to my seat and by this time it was warm in the church so I took my jacket off! Sat down and proceeded to listen to the sermon.

After it was done I donned on my jacket...thank goodness... and still my pants felt weird. I just said my good byes and left the building. Nothing unusual. Until the cold air hit me and my bottom! I got to the car and really felt for the problem. To my mortification my pants had ripped, from stem to stern!

Why am I posting this? I'm not really sure. Maybe to teach everyone else a lesson...don't wear jeans to church!

Or maybe I'm past being mortified and now I see the humour in it. Because honestly, it is just so darn funny. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for punishment. Dunno.

One thing I do know...I've probably made your day now.

Oh and Dave and I are singing a special tomorrow in church and I will not be wearing pants! A nice long skirt will do nicely!

Have a Blessed Day and Merry Christmas!


p.s. the truck is gone.