Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Family Weekend

Well after long thought, prayer, mulling, hemming and hawing I'm done with the farmer's market. I've decided to put family first. Which is something I should have done a long time ago.  I now have Saturdays off and it's lovely.  I'm just so unstressed it's incredible.  Well less stressed anyway.  I'm not thinking of getting rid of the animals anymore.  I just had too much on my plate.  Maybe when I retire I'll go back.  Maybe....

I couldn't resist putting in a cute puppy picture to begin this post.

A few months ago I went to Ontario on a business trip. Of course you get loads and loads of samples. This was one of them.  I thought I'd give it a try. The instructions said that you could use it in a front loading washing machine and to use only half the bottle for a load.  So I only used a third.

This is what happened!!

I'm glad I only used a third and not half. It was supposed to be low sudsing since it's HE. Thank goodness!

Saturday we went to Digby and stopped at my least favourite place to eat.  MacDonalds.  Yuck.  But it's semi-cheap and it's quick.  Well let me rephrase that....most MacDonalds are quick, but the one in Digby is the slowest and the one most likely to screw up your order.  I'm not slandering them.  Slandering would mean that what I said isn't true.  This is true and anyone that has gone there can vouch for that.

Anyway....I digress.  I wasn't very hungry so I just ordered a Happy Meal.  When it came back we were all amazed at the size of the Happy Meal fries!  Look at the following picture...the container on the left is a large.  The one on the right is what you now get in a HAPPY MEAL!!!  I just couldn't believe it!  When 
they first gave the order to Dave it had 4 I repeat FOUR fries in it.  He sent it back and said fill
it up!  So it came back with 6 fries.

Their excuse....you now get a yogurt with a happy meal.  Well guess what chick pea...I'm lactose intolerant so what good is a tiny yogurt going to do!?  

It will be a long time before I go back to MacDonalds again!  But to do them a bit of justice the thing is just so darn cute.  It looks like toy food.

We went to Digby for a fire truck rally. It's their first one and it wasn't too bad.  They had a firetruck parade and a local TV personality was the parade Marshall.  Heidi Petracek.  So we all got our photo taken with her.  She's very nice and she's a cat person so of course she's wonderful!

We got to go up in the bucket of a ladder truck.  It was so cool!  I took pics of the town of Digby.

We just got home from Digby at 4pm when Dave thought to ask our hay dude when he was going to bale the hay.  He said now.  We were like...huh?  Now... it's 4pm.  So we ran home got changed and came back to load 142 bales of hay.  
Dave can't lift anything heavy now...so guess who loaded the hay. Me, J. and Tomas.  Dave supervised.
It was kinda funny because Tomas comes to me after a dozen bales or so all in a panic, "Look, look Lisa! I'm allergic to hay!" Showing me his arms.
I said, "No Tomas, don't panic, everyone is allergic to hay. So back to work." 

Have a Blessed Evening

Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Spring Peeper Member

Simonne needed a friend.  I had always planned on getting another one. Then Dave brought Simonne to the vet because she had the flu and saw "the ad".

New Addition

She's 10 weeks old, full of life and has stolen everyone's heart, including Simonne's.  Please meet Emilie.  I wanted to call her Magitte (a very old French Acadian name)  I thought it was cute. All J. and Dave could say was, "We are not calling our dog Maggot!"   So I told them I didn't want any cutesy names like Fluffy. I wanted a girls name.  So J. came up with Emilie.  She looks like an Emilie.  She's also a peeing machine.
But honestly, how big can a bladder be on this cute little thing?

Cutie Patootie

On another note. One of our friends from Louisiana comes down for the summer every year. I asked him last summer if he could bring Dave his favourite seasoning that he hasn't had in years!
So here is a happy camper!

Oh Happy Day!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Animal talk

Did you hear?...The humans are ready to clean our crap! Oh Happy Day!!!

The great things about donkeys is that they poop all in the same place.  Kinda like a donkey bathroom.  The bad thing about donkeys is that they poop all in the same place.  Kinda like a donkey bathroom.  So that means you have to go in the pasture and clean up their poop.  What a pain in the butt.  But at the same time it's nice not to have poop all over the place like goats.

Can I drive?

While J. and I were cleaning the poop, Stockings wouldn't leave us alone. She kept on jumping in the trailer.  It was kinda cute.

J. and "Thunder".

J. has decided to change Sally's name to Thunder.  He's in love with the donkeys, especially Thunder.  She's his new project.  He's decided that he's going to break her, so he can ride her.  She's never been ridden before.  So in the picture above it was the first time she had someone on her back.  Two seconds after I took this photo....Thunder decided to do the two-step. J. didn't go flying but it came close.  He got back on after though.  Like the old saying goes...

J. and Tomas...they found the holy grail of beach glass

The weather here has been non typical spring weather...heat, heat...heat!! And wet...wet...wet! This year I figured I'd plant one of the gardens in the old pig pen.  The day I planted it was nice and dry.  About a week later it rained and rained.  The next clear day Dave was wondering how the pumpkin, sunflower and corn was doing in that garden.  Well I kinda forgot it had rained the next day.  I sank.  And Dave laughed.   Then he says..."Don't move.  I'll go get something to help you."  He runs off and shows up with the friggen camera!  He was hoping that I was also going to fall in face first.  But by the time be showed up...I had gotten out.  He did get some pictures.

The mud was half way up my fancy boots.
These were the holes I left behind.

But on the bright side....the seeds have all germinated.  It's taken me several weeks, but the garden is all put in.  Finally.  This year I've planted lettuce, spinach, corn, ornamental corn, beets,yellow beans, carrots, sunflowers, pumpkins, garlic, onions, and peas.

The swallowtail butterflies are out and they love my lilac bushes.  Aren't they purty?!

Our little dog Simonne is going to the vet tomorrow.  She's had diarreah and vomiting a few weeks ago.  I thought I had fixed her up with kaopectate and rice water, but today she started all over again.  Dave is bringing her.  I worry about her since she's so tiny.

Febe is not doing well.  With all this rain, her joints are killing her.  It's really sad to see her.  If I was a good owner I'd have her put down.  But I"m too selfish.  I don't want to see her go.  If she keeps going this way by mid July I'll have to let her go.

Well that's it for now.  I hope you all have a Blessed Day