Monday, July 27, 2015

Flower Power!!

I know ya'll come to my blog for the awesome goat pictures

But for once we are going to have a change of pace.

No goat pics



Just tranquil pictures of my flowers around the property.

So sit back and enjoy the peaceful 

flower pictures.

Flamingo Willow

Dianthus...I think


Snow pea flower



Bee Balm

Different colour Bee Balm
Tree lily
Tree lily (these lilies are taller than I am)

See now wasn't that soothing.

Ok, I couldn't leave without one picture...

The Minions!

Have a Blessed Evening!


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lack of Communication

After 22 years of wedded bliss
(it was our anniversary last week)
you'd think that we'd be able to finish each other's sentences.
And if my brain worked like a normal person's that would probably be true.

But my brain is not that of a normal person. It's mine.
It doesn't stop, even for one millisecond.
While I sleep I'm still thinking of things. 
It never stops.

Where was I going with this....

Oh yes!

Twenty two years!
You'd think that when I tell him just half of the story, he'd know what I meant.
Honestly, I shouldn't have to explain everything....right?

That's how I ended up with 45 chicks.

Dave loves auctions. Me, not so much.
I'm an over-thinker.
 When you're in an auction you can't think things through. You have to act instead of think it to death.

So we went to the cattle sale a few months ago.
Nothing was catching my eye. (well except the mini donkey, it stayed there.)
So then Dave is like, " Look at all these chicks. Do you want some?"

Me-No, I don't need chicks. We just hatched out a bunch. We don't need any.....
Him-Are you sure?
Me-Yes I'm sure.
Him-Are you sure, did you see the boxes of white chicks over there?
Me-Yes, I saw them, but we don't need anymore chicks
Him-Okaaaayyy. Well if you see something, just write the tag number on this paper.

So I wandered around and then wandered to the chicks again.
Stupid me.
Three boxes caught my eye. 
Stupid me. 
The white chicks.
Stupid me.
So I wrote down the numbers and gave them to Dave.
Since I have no patience and the brain for the auction itself, I went to visit the donkey.

He was such a cute donkey and there was a mini horse also.

I got back to Dave after it was done and he proudly announced that he got all 

Holy catfish Batman!

I only wanted one box.
Didn't you realize that? 
I only wrote the three numbers in case you didn't get the first box, bid on the second. 
If you don't get the second box bid on the third.

But don't get all three!!!

And that's how I ended up with this

45 chicks.

They're mostly grown now.  But now I have to figure out who's pullet and who's rooster.
AND find homes for them since I don't have room for all that.

But in my defense, we've been married for 22 years.  You'd think he would have known that I didn't want all three boxes. Am I right ladies?! 
Help me here!

Have a Blessed Day