Sunday, October 7, 2018

All Dried Up!

It's been a trying summer as long as gardening goes.
But one thing that does well in hot and humid temperatures 
are herbs!

So I planned on drying all the herbs I could...and I did!

I usually say that every year and it ends up that I forget or 
get too busy and winter shows up.

So I was on the ball this season.

The only thing I missed was the dill.
I might still get to it yet.

But I'm proud of my pickins!
We even dried Biquinho peppers.

I dried blueberries

Coriander, since I planted my cilantro too early.

Paprika peppers. The one on the left is regular and the one on 
the right is smoked.

This is the Biquinho peppers all dried up

And this is the Biquinho all ground up!


Chamomile for tea this winter!

And Parsley and Sage

I also dried french tarragon, lemon grass and lavender.

Hopefully I can  get to the dill before it's too late.

Most of the time I use a dehydrator to dry up the herbs.
I goes a lot quicker. But I have used just regular hanging up the 
herbs to dry stuff. Like the coriander.

What did you guys dry this year?

Have a Blessed day!
oh and it's Thanksgiving here in Canada today.
So have a blessed Thanksgiving!