Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's here! It's here!

Now let's get one thing straight.
When it comes to seasons I don't play favourites.
I love them all. 
Each one of them for different reasons. seems like fall isn't long enough.

Have you ever noticed that? 

Winter. I love it. I love snow and I love the cold. Winter also means cuddling inside with a wood fire in the furnace, watching the snow fly outside, board games, baking, Christmas, New Years. But by February, I've had enough. A lot of our winter is slush, wind and rain. I get tired of driving in crappy weather to work and bringing water to the animals.
 Bring on Spring!

After a long winter, spring is so welcomed. It feels like a rebirth after cabin fever for all those months, kids and chicks being born, warmer temps...but after a few months of spring you've had enough of the rain, mud and blackflies.

Summer! I love summer. I love the heat and being able to walk barefoot in the grass, laying in the sun on the beach, long, loooonnng days and short nights. But after a two months of intense heat (and it does get hot here in Canada, contrary to popular American belief!) and mugginess it's time for Fall. comes Autumn!!! I don't think fall is long enough.

The beautiful colours have just begun and the cool temps are just starting. The crops are in, the wonderful smell of the buck is in the air (okay, that might not be a good thing), Everyone is frisky again, the mugginess that was pulling us down is gone.  Thanksgiving and Halloween is here!

Then just as you're enjoying it......Winter shows up. 

You haven't gotten over Fall yet. What's up with that?! 

I guess it's God's way of showing us that too much of a good thing is not always good.

So anyway...while it's here let's enjoy Autumn in all it's glory. 

And enjoy the Fall pictures I've taken today, including goat pictures. 

I know ya'll are missing all the pictures of the goats I used to put.

So I took a few to satisfy your appetites.

I love pumpkins, especially if I grew them.
Azelle posing


Monsieur Stinky a.k.a. Pisnak

Chinese Lanterns

Have a Blessed Autumn Day