Sunday, June 17, 2018

To Bee or not to Bee part deux

A few years ago I posted that I was going to begin beekeeping.
Well that didn't pan out.
For several reasons
Dave wasn't really into it.
Jamie was NOT into it.
and the biggest reason was
I was chicken.
yup there it is in 
black and white.
I was chicken.

I had read and researched and read some more
and I still can't wrap my head around beekeeping.
And the word Swarm is enough to scare the crap
out of any non beekeeper out of their wits.

I kept saying that if I could find someone to show me their bees.
Let me be around them while they're working on them..
you know, up close and personal.

Well one day I was having a meeting with our regional garden club head honcho
 and mentioned that one day I'd like to give it a go. But told her about working with 
a beekeeper. She had just the person. Angela Goodwin.
She sent our email to Angela and here I am....
I got up close and personal with the bees!!!

Dave came with me also and he was pretty good with it. 
Neither one of us freaked. Everything was calm, as it should be when you're working with bees.
We loved it!
We learned the difference between Langstroth and Top bar beehives.
Initially we wanted topbar. But we're going Langs.

They had bee jackets for us to use and it was all very calming 
and almost hypnotic.

It's true...the bees ignore you. They have a job to do and you're not it!
Just don't get in their way.
I get more freaked out when I have a bug jacket on and the blackflies
are dive bombing you than I did with hundreds of bees flying around your body. 

We learned so much that I don't remember half of what she said! 

But after reading for 3 years now...I'm ready.
I've stalled long enough.
Time to jump in with both feet.
Of course it's too late for this year but
I'll be putting in my bee order this fall for the spring.
And I can't wait to be a new-bee!!!

gently smoking the bees

opening the hive

when bees are left to do what comes naturally like make a comb, they'll actually create channels, shortcuts,
so they won't have to go all the way around!

Just a wee bit more smoke

getting beezy (sorry couldn't help myself)
really learning the difference between worker and drone

Solar wax extractor

So there you have it.
Our bee day.

Also a big thank you to Angela and her partner for sharing her bees and her time with us.

Have a Beelessed Day!