Saturday, March 28, 2020

I've got sunshine....

It was a beautiful day today.
Birds are chirping away
I was able to go outside in just a light
spring jacket.  

It's time to plant the seeds in my basement
Ya ya...don't worry the only thing I 
grow in there are tomatoes, peppers, 
pumpkins, flowers and squash.

This year I decided to try my hand at Echinacea.
A few years ago I saved seeds from my
flowers outside.  I knew they needed
stratification so I stuck them in the fridge
and promptly forgot about them till
last week.

Baby echinacea!

I planted the seeds and read in my seed book 
recommend highly, if I did the correct thing.
Well I guess I didn't.  For echinacea I guess
you have to stratify the seeds, like I did,
but also plant them at a certain temperature for
two weeks, then another temperature
for another few weeks, howl at a waxing moon
while Haley's comet is in it's third orbit in the middle of
a snow  storm.  
Needless to say it's a snowball's chance in hell these are
going to germinate!
Well low  and behold!!  4  are popping out! I'm beyond
ecstatic and over that waxing moon I was supposed
to wait for.  

There's nothing better than whipping out a brand new pair 
of garden gloves. I recommend these ones
highly.  They are tough as nails.

The weather is so nice that the fan is going in the greenhouse.
So I figured that I'd give the greenhouse
a cleaning also.  We tried to get the water going
but it sprung a leak. There was probably a spot that
didn't drain and froze last winter. Dang.
One thing I did discover in the greenhouse
is if you plant marigolds, please take the seed heads
off the plants before the winter.
I don't think I'll  have to plant marigolds
this year...whoops.

Going to need some dirt in them thar beds.

Today was the  last sapping day.  We had a good run
but it's time to stop so we pulled all the splines out of the trees.

It was so nice today that I did a walkabout in our
backyard. My Hellebores is gorgeous, I'm so proud of them.

The goldfish all survived the winter except for one.

And I think Mr. and Mrs Duckworth are back!
Every year we have a mated pair of mallard
ducks that stay in our back yard  for a few  months
I chose to believe that it's the same 
pair  year after year, but since

they never show us their passports I can't be certain.
I tried taking a picture, but they were a bit camera shy.
If you look closely you can see Mr. Duckworth.

The bees are just a buzzing around and a bit cranky. 
So we're not bugging them too much these
days.  We need to give them some
pollen patties for a few weeks. 
The silver you see on the hive is insulation.
That will be coming off in a few weeks.

 Garlic is growing well. I hope we don't have the same problem as last year.
We had some type of bug chew little holes in most of it.
Didn't hurt it any,but it was unsightly
and we sell it. So we don't sell
products unless they're perfect
so we had a lot of left over garlic.

Well it's been a pretty productive day.
Tomorrow is chicken coop cleaning day
if the weather holds.

Have a Blessed evening

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

And life goes on...

Yes I know the world is falling apart at the moment...
Yes I do believe that it will get better...
Yes I realize that it's terrible and horrible...
No I'm not going to talk about it on my blog...
I hope to make this a happy place...
I actually didn't turn on the news tonight.
A first for me. 

This year we decided to try our hand at tapping the trees again. 
We've had great success and every time we
decide that we're taking the taps out we get
there and there's full buckets of sap!

It's amazing how it just looks like water

I'm not sure how much syrup  we've done so far but
obviously after our trip to the woods today
it's not done. 
So far I think we've made around 30 litres.
That's a lot of sap!
In case you're  wondering the ratio is

one drop at a time.

Dave also made himself a sap boiler out of an old furnace.
A lot more financially feasible than
the propane we were using last year.
We also had a sap pan made out of
stainless steel which wasn't cheap.

But we've almost paid for it with the syrup we have sold so far.

Gotta get it hot!
 That's it for now. 
Have a Blessed Day

Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Like I said in the previous post,
we went to an orchid show in Wolfville.
Wolfville is approximately 2 hours from our
The show was at the Acadia university and it was 
all orchids from private collections.
I've got several orchids of my own but nothing like 
the ones I saw.

It was hard to get pictures because it was
 packed so there was no way I could get the names of them. 
I would just stick my phone in the crowd, snap and hope for the best. 

They also had a plant sale. No orchids but houseplants. Guess what..
yes, I bought some.
I'm guilty!
Sue me!
But Dave was no better than I was. We divided and conquered. Some of the plants
I wanted were on opposite sides of the table.
So we separated and dove in. 
One of the plants I wanted only had one for sale.
You know what? I'm evil.
A lady almost had her hand on it and her friend distracted
her, so I swooped in and got it. heh heh.
All's fair in love and plant sales.

Have a Blessed Day!

Another weakness...

Maybe I should just make a series on 
my weaknesses. Kinda like the blueberry danishes
at the coffee shop called the Perky Owl
in Yarmouth. Oh mylanta!
If you ever get the chance, go eat one!
To die for!
That is where I am at the moment.
Dave is in surgery for a hernia so I have all day to kill.
Grocery shopping is done, drugstore run is done and lunch is done.
I can only wander around for so long. The more I wander around the
more I buy unnecessary stuff.
So I actually thought ahead and 
brought my handy dandy mini computer.

Well I digress..
My weakness...
Farmer's markets!
I love them! 
Ok, enough with the !!!exclamation marks!!!
But honestly,
I love farmer's markets.
We were in Wolfville Saturday for an orchid show
(that's another post)
I don't know what it is about markets.
The smell? All those wonderful smells, 
from coffee, to Indian food, fresh bread,
chocolate? I don't think so. Yes, the smells are part of it
but I don't think that's the only thing. 
I think it's a combination of all different things,
smells, colours, the type of people that go
to farmer's markets, the music. It's everything 
all rolled into a heartwarming experience.
The vendors and buyers have all one thing in common,
fresh, quality produce, crafts reasonable prices.
We also have the "we want to save the planet one reusable bag
at a time." mentality.
The Wolfville farmers market is one of the best ones I've seen.
Well in a small area anyway. 
The large farmers markets like in St. Jacobs or Kitchener, those are 
a different ball of wax.
So I couldn't help but take pictures of the vendors and some products to share with you guys..

The top is a lemon tart and the bottom creation is a blueberry UFO.

One of the french bakeries

We bought oyster and lion's mane mushroom from this kind lady

Goat's milk chocolate!

No caption needed

This pretty lady is actually Carol, my master gardener professor!
She's a potter and a gardener. Super talented.
Beneath the boughs

Just because they look delicious

Nova Scotia made candles

New scotland candles

Loving the colours but not liking the plastic so much

I got an awesome hand cream from this lovely gal.

What can I say!

So this is a very small part of the Wolfville farmer's market. If you ever get
a chance to drop in you won't regret it. They're open Wednesdays and on
Saturdays. I'm not sure of the hours, but you can find them on Facebook.

Do you like to visit farmer's markets?
What do you like about them?

Have a Blessed day

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Yes, I have a problem...

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a  problem..

I have a problem...
I'm a plant addict.

Or you can do like I do and  the first step to recovery
is just buying more plants!

And that's what I've been doing.

Buying more houseplants!

This gorgeous  Hellebores isn't new.
I've had it for 3 years.
The first year it bloomed a bit
Last year nada...nothing.

This year I thought I'd go in the backyard and check it out.

Well Hello Mama! I was so happy. 
Needless to say  we've had a very mild winter here.
This was taken yesterday, February 1st!

A mild winter is nice (last year was so windy and it killed a lot of plants)
but not so good for tapping trees.
I'm not sure how the tree tapping and sapping
will  go this year.  It's getting closer.
Last year it was mid March. And we actually had a bit of snow.
Here's hoping  that it gets a bit colder and snowier.

I tried making bread for the first time in my life without 
a bread maker.  It came out well and tasted good
but it was a bit dense.  I'm thinking I didn't knead it enough.
I'll try it another time. Because it was actually fun.

My bird feeders have been very busy. Birds, birds and more birds...
till a hawk showed up.  The feeders were very, very quiet for a few days.
Even though we have a very big black cat, he doesn't bother the birds
and they seem to know that. He'll be on the steps all day watching them 
and he'll never attempt to catch one.
But that hawk scared them. Finally they started showing back up today.

Well it's seed time!
I've done my seed order and already one order has shown up.
My favourite places to order are 

Excellent quality heirloom seeds.
Give them a look.

Have a Blessed evening

Thursday, January 16, 2020

December 2019

Christmas is over. 
Actually it was very quiet.
Jamie came and visited us a few weeks before Christmas for a few days.
He's loving his job and his new life.
That's all a parent can ask for!

Here we are sending him off to Toronto again.

On Christmas eve Dave and I did something kinda different.
Not something everyone has the opportunity to do.
We tracked Santa and gave a play by play 
location to the kiddies listening
to our radio station.  It was fun and we plan to do it
again next year.

Our annual Christmas concert at church.

For the last 25 + years fairies have been decorating the paths behind
the university. It's like a winter wonderland 
(when we can get snow)
and the last several years different
groups have been helping them.
Last year our garden club went
to decorate.

It was so much fun we did it again this year.
When we tell people of this activity people are amazed 
that it's not vandalized. Knock on wood, 
it never has been that I can remember.
I think the reason behind this is that 
even the vandals are proud of their Christmas wonderland.

Here we are heading back in to collect our ornaments. 
Another strange thing is that a few weeks 
after Christmas all the decorations
disappear. Nothing is left over. Every group comes and
cleans up their decorations.
I feel so proud living in this community!
The people are awesome!
Oh and by the way...
Dave got me as far as the pillars you see in the background
and he was done. lol

We are finally getting snow! We were originally supposed to get
something like 25-30cm. We are now getting 5-10cm.
That's Southwest Nova Scotia for you.

Well that's about it for now.

Oh one last thing!
Jamie shared this article about flight attendants.
It's very interesting and everyone should read it.

Have a blessed day!