Saturday, September 28, 2013

Little Drummer Boy.

Jamie has started on his drum lessons again. He hasn't play drums in about 3 years.

But after the hullaballoo of lasts year's hockey season he didn't want to play anymore.

I don't blame him.

So he's started on his drum lessons again.

Well we had a Christian band come and play at church for the youth last weekend.
They stayed for the service on Sunday morning and played a few songs.

And guess what?!

They asked Jamie to play a song with them.

He's never played in front of anyone before and he'd only had one lesson since he began again.

But he actually did it, and looked and sounded like a pro!

We were sooooo proud of him.

Have a Blessed Day

Happy! Happy! Happy!!

Lookee here! The raised bed fairy came and built me two new beds!!

Woot! Woot!

One is for all my lavender, which I have already filled up.

The other is for the garlic. I'll plant that in a few weeks.

I'm so excited!!

Have A Blessed Day!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 Growing Season

Well growing season is almost over.  And it was our first with raised beds.

Well I must say, aside from overdoing things, it was a wonderful season and I intend to keep growing in raised beds and hopefully get more.  

I need two more before the snow flies.

So here is the photographic  evidence of this years growing season.

This is the beginning of the season. Tomatoes are still standing.
Here is last week. The tomatoes kinds collapsed. But look at the sunflowers!!!

Yes, I quest for HUMAGABUNGA cabbage is still on. The cabbage moth kinda took over.

See the tomatoes? They kinda fell over. I didn't have enough for salsa, but I had enough to  freeze.

I love sunflowers. What can I say. The goats love them to...only for a different reason.

Have a Blessed Day

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Trail

Even though I'm a very conservative person, I love things that are different. Things that are off the beaten path.

The Trail is definitely off the beaten path.

It's owned by John and Marilyn Browning.
They moved here in 2001 to take care of John's ailing mother. (I remember his mother was my figure skating teacher when I was a young girl)

They were living in Ontario and John was a teacher before he came here.

Six years after he moved here, his mom passed away. 

He started cutting the Trail about 10 years ago.

Like everything it started small....

Now it's just amazing!

Even though it's on private property nobody needs an invitation. People come and add to his collection of hmmm....eclectic art pieces all the time.

It's amazing the imagination this man has.

John and Marilyn both have a heart of gold. 

The man of the hour
I many other people would let anyone, strangers come traipsing in their back yards?  I love meeting new people, I love people coming to visit, but I'm not too open to letting strangers come and mosey through my backyard. Especially if I'm not there.

He should start charging admission.

Then again, maybe it's better this way.

Yup, that describes it.

You never know WHAT you're going to find.

The frame. This is where he wants people to sign the buoys and have their picture taken with the  "Frame".

I brought the girls from work here and never realized the sign over Kathy's head.
It says, "Old bag hangout". We had a good laugh.

When ever I can, I bring people over. These pictures were taken through out the past year.

I'm fascinated with The Trail.
Every path leads to somewhere different, wonderful and funny.

Before you leave the Trail, I guarantee that you'll smile, you'll wonder, you'll see "things that make you go hmmm."  But I know you'll love it and talk about it for a long, long time.

Thank you John and Marilyn for being who you are!

Have a Blessed Day

Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm baaaack!!

It's been a nice summer.
I missed the goats but I'm glad I took a break.
 If I hadn't I would have made a huge mistake by selling them.

They're back and I'm loving milking them. I'm even milking them by hand. I've splurged and I've bought alfalfa pellets, beet pellets, flax seed and I've gone back to the feed I used to give my goats years ago. It's the best and the milk is tasting even better than ever!

I had stopped using it because I couldn't find it anymore. 

But summer is now over, so it's time to get back to the old grind.

Jamie has started high school! Ack!

So here's a few highlights from our summer.

Cabot Trail

Quilt show during the Acadian Festival

I made pickled beets

My garlic grew wonderfully

Went geocaching, then my GPS died. Bugger!

Made my first batch of dill pickles...and according to the reviews I'll be making some more next year.

Went fishing for mackeral and caught squat.

Jamie and I went to a tea with my mom. Jamie loves teas! It means food.

Camping at Kejimkujik

Kejimkujik National Park

Grapes everywhere!!!

And lastly, camping at Fundy Spray with friends.

I hope ya'll had a wonderful summer!

Have a Blessed Day